Sunday, June 3, 2007

My Tiny Sidewalk Garden is all in Bloom With Iris

This little area is only about 6 inches deep.
It has a nice bloom of iris right now - all pastel colored.
Quite a difference from this bright spot just on the other side of the hedge! This is my first poppy patch from which I have acquired all of the other poppies you have seen in earlier posts. I always cut my poppies down before they set seed and yet they just keep multiplying.
I see it rained a bit during the night. I am going outside now for a while to do some weeding. It never ends, does it?


  1. I love weeding after a rain... but we don't get much rain here in Arizona. LOVE your iris flowers! My glads will be blooming soon. Can't wait!
    You have such a lovely garden Zoey! Wish I could sit a spell with you on that peaceful patio of yours!

  2. The pastel iris are beautiful - what a good use of a small space. I love the poppies - did you start them from seed or plants? I must have some! I thought I wanted the singles, but after seeing your doubles, I'm not so sure - they're very pretty.

  3. Your Irisis and poppies look very nice.

  4. Your irisis and poppies are so colorful. I don't remember ever seeing that view of your sidewalk garden!

  5. Linda, I think weeding after a rain is my favorite time to do it. The weeds seem to come out more easily.

    Kris, NO! NO! Don't get the doubles (unless the newer ones are more sturdy). I hate mine! They fall over too easily because they are top heavy. I would get rid of them all, except I have nothing else to take their place. They fill a dead time in the bloom cycle. I much prefer my singles. I have a bushier type that will be blooming any day now. I got mine as a big bag of bare roots from my sister-in-law when she was thinning hers.

    Laurie, Thank you very much.

    Susie, Thank you. I think I've shown it a time or two before. Or maybe just a close up so you didn't see the whole area.

  6. Zoey, I should have known you could make a lovely spring disply out of an only 6-inch-wide garden! Looks very nice.

    I wouldn't get rid of the poppies, they do serve their purpose for a short time and it makes for a really stunning display. Wonder how successful you would be at getting rid of them, anyway?

  7. Very pretty irises and poppies! My irises are almost finished for the year. I think a few are suppose to rebloom in the fall. I'm waiting on the gladiolus next.

  8. Thanks for the advice on the poppies. Your doubles are very pretty, but I'll look for singles!


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