Saturday, May 5, 2007

A Finished Quilt Block with a Mistake

I was ironing this finished block when this piece caught my eye. Oh, No! The fabric was too short for the piece and I didn't even notice it until it was totally finished.
ARRRRRRGGGGGGGGG........I had to rip out the seams
and replace the entire section.
I am fortunate in that it was the piece at the very end of a section. If it had been in the middle, I would have had to remove many pieces and would not have even bothered. It would have ended up as a pot holder. (Potholders are great for blocks with little mistakes or blocks you don't really like.)

It may end up as a potholder anyway.

Because......Whew! This is one BUSY BLOCK!

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  1. but your points are so perfect and your fabrics are so beautiful, especially the burgandy center square with camel...and the yellow paisley...and the red with gold!


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