Monday, May 7, 2007

Sunday's Detroit Free Press

had a big article about the man in Onaway, Michigan who made this sculpture.

I took this picture last June while we were driving through Onaway, a tiny town of about 1000 people. Imagine my surprise when I saw the same sculpture in the Free Press Sunday.

Sunday morning we stained the deck. DH rolled the stain on after I cut in along all the edges. Even though the deck is prettty big, it does not take long to do this --about 1.5 hours. This is the first year it has been done so early. Usually I have all my plants on it and about July DH decides to do it, so we have to haul everything off and then back on. It's always such a pain to do that, so I am very glad it's done now.

After work today, I sat down to read the issue of Birds and Blooms that came in the mail. The deck looks so nice I almost don't want to put anything one it!
I was looking for the acorn. Do any of you who get this magazine try to find the acron?

I have been getting this magazine for years and have never looked for it. Last month while driving to the upper penninsula, I had 4 hours to kill, so I started going page by page looking through the back issues I brought along. I was just thrilled the first time I found it!

Now I'm hooked. Yes, I did find it in the current issue. If you can't find it, just ask me in the comments and I will give you a clue where to look.

I finally have a few tulips blooming. Nothing that looks too nice yet, but I'm hoping to get something worthy of a longshot photo soon.

Any guesses as to what this is?


  1. Hi - your deck looks lovely! And your tulips. And I think the last photo is of peony shoots - at least that's what mine look like! I used to get Birds & Blooms - but didn't renew - but I'm going to guess the acorn is on pg 24 - close??

  2. I have to stain my deck in the next couple of weeks but mine isn't big like yours so it won't take me long. Never thought of doing it with a roller...great idea! lol That eagle sculpture is something else, wow! Your tulip are beautiful...yours and mine have pretty much opened up at the same time! As for what that other plant is....I'm also thinking peony shoots but not too sure! Mine are coming up also...I should go run outside and see if they look like this closeup! lol xox

  3. You deck looks great! I bet you are glad it is all done before it gets too warm to do it.

  4. Hey, sorry I haven't been by for a while. I'm just catching up on the garden blogging. Your deck looks wonderful! (We have to do ours this year too. I'm not looking forward to it.) I used to get "Birds and Blooms" magazine, and yes, I used to look for the acorn. As for your final photo, I want to say it's newly emerging leaves on a tree (maple?) but it might also be peonies or some other type of plant emerging from the ground.

  5. Awesome shots-the one almost looks like a sapling with it's leaves opening up.
    It must be nice to have a deck. We have a flagstone patio and have a wrought iron table and chairs (and umbrella on it). Maybe some day.

  6. Kris you made the first guess and you got it correct. They are peony shoots. Most of you got it correct. I think they are so neat when they first come up from the ground.

    Pea, get a roller. It's so much easier!

    Laurie, I am thrilled to have it done!!

    Karen, so nice to see you!

    Dianne, I LOVE my deck. We built it and DH couldn't imagine why I wanted it so big and L shaped. I wanted the L so that the sun is always on one side while the other side is always shady. I wanted to make sure we actually used it. So many people don't because it gets too hot. Ours has been a pure pleasure.


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