Tuesday, May 8, 2007

2007 Container Plants

I bought my first plants today. Just 12 plants, but it's a start.

I've never grown the Angelart Orange Nemesia you see here, but I like the vibrant splash of color it will provide for some container. I also like the lime green and yellow variegation of the artemisia, 'Oriental Limelight' which is just in back of the orange plant. It just occured to me that one should be perennial.

I've also never grown the Perilla (Magilla Purple). It's the one that looks like a coleus. Has anyone grown this one? It is supposed to tolerate cold much better than coleus. It also gets up to three feet tall. I think I may plant it with this purple Brachyscome 'Toucan Tango' as one of the front plants. I do love to try new plants each year.

I love to do the containers. Right now I find it the most fun, creative part of all my gardening. I hardly feel like working in the perennial gardens at all this spring, but I am excited to begin the containers.

In an effort to cut costs, I am going to try to incorporate some of the perennials I already have in my big containers this year. I spend way too much on the deck flowers. Every year the price keeps going up. Just the 10 - 12 hanging baskets I need will cost over $200 if I buy them already made up. I can probably save half of that by planting them myself.

Today I spent $36 for only 12 plants. Those 12 plants are barely a beginning. I got a deal because I bought 12. They were $3.29/each or $3 each for 12. I am going to try to keep track of what I spend. Every year I say this, but I always stop tracking it after the first couple of weeks.

I think I can dig up a few Sedum Autumn Joy and incorporate them into the bigger containers...maybe a hosta or two...possibly some black-eyed Susans. Hopefully all my cannas and callas made it through the winter (haven't checked yet). I will just have to get creative with what I have.


  1. Great minds think alike...I started buying my plants today too! lol I bought for $70 worth and it's just a start...sigh! As you say, it can get very expensive! I haven't grown those new plants you mentioned but they certainly are gorgeous!!

  2. Your plants look lovely. I spend way too much on annuals every year too - I like your idea for using some perennials in the containers. I have to get started on my list - I buy a lot of my annuals at the Farmer's Market - and I should probably make my first trip this weekend. It'll be fun doing containers - altho I think I do mine way less creatively than you do!

  3. Hi, Zoey--
    No way to email you with this question. Is it okay if I quote you in your post of 6/16/2005 for an essay I'm writing for Horticulture magazine? The exact quote is:
    "Delicate little bells swaying in the wind. That is what I thought when my MIL offered me a few plants. Within three years, those few plants turned into hundreds and I spent most of last season attempting to eradicate this obnoxious weed from my rock wall garden where it was running rampant."

  4. Good choices! I love container gardens too. They are easy to take care of and offer that splash of color in any area.
    I still need to locate the glad bulbs I dug up last year and replant them. We need rain so badly. It's as dry as punk around here.

  5. Kathy, I would be honored to be quoted in one of your articles. So, yes, no problem. I didn't know you wrote for Horticulture magazine!

    Pea, I think you and I have very similar weather, so we must think alike on planting times.

    Kris, Our farmer's market is not very large. I've never seen annuals for sale there. I have bought a perennial or two there.

    Dianne, I hope you find those bulbs. It's been raining here all day which is good.

  6. Cool quote, Zoey!
    You have such a wonderful assortment of plants, and the colors should be spectacular.

    Some plants that were annuals in IL sometimes live over the winter, which is nice - but keeping them in the container means it's harder to change to a different color scheme. You get a whole new look every year!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose


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