Friday, May 4, 2007

Lawn Invading Garden Thugs

I have had rather heated discussions with DH for years to get rid of these awful wild violets. For reasons I cannot understand, he refuses to dig them out. They just keep spreading and spreadng.

I decided this year that they MUST GO. Much to DH's chagrin, I hit this area with Roundup about two weeks ago. He is still having a snit about that.

As you can see, all the grass died, but the violets have only been stunned. They need another hit of the poison, but I've been warned not to use it again (I can't guarantee that I won't sneak the Roundup out and give it another squirt or two. I have been known to disregard his warnings...).
If he refuses to take care of it, somebody has to!

It will have to be dug out and relaced with new top soil. Then it will have to be seeded. After all of that, the violets may still come back. It is nearly impossible to get rid of this weed.

Has anyone else had any success in getting rid of wild violets?

I got DH a powerwasher for Christmas. He took it out of the box tonight and used it for the 1st time. This concrete had 16 years of dirt build up. That dark side isn't just wet, it's dirt.

After just a few minutes it looked like this!


  1. I'm still giggling here, thinking of you having killed off the grass with that poison and yet the violets are still there! hehe I'm afraid I've never had them in my yard so I can't help you there! As for the powerwasher, I bought one for my husband 2 years's still in the box. Sigh. Amazing what it can do!! xox

  2. I actually like wild violets, so have a few on the edge of my garden, but they haven't (yet) escaped into the grass. They are difficult to get rid of, and I know keeping them is like playing with fire, but I do love them!

  3. I have a seen wild violets too and left some in the little fairy garden I have. Wow, you have a ton! I can't stand those plaintain weeds with the wide flat leaves that get the spikey things. And I was cutting off the flowers of the dandelions when I had the weed whacker out. And someone reminded me that the name of my most invasive weed is called creeping Charlie. That is a pita!
    Powerwashers are great! My mom's neighbor did some of her house last year and it really made a different.

  4. That's I have seen a....opps.

  5. I love violets, im siding with your DH in this!

    They can invade my lawn all they want. Flowers are WAY better then lawn ANYDAY!

    Creeping charlie on the other hand.........UGH! be glad that you do not have that.

  6. Ajuga does the same creeping thing into my lawn. I just keep mowing over them. I know when I'm beaten before I start! Oh dear, you are in trouble, aren't you?

  7. I vote with DH on this, too. The violets are pretty in the grass, and don't last that long. I have lots more white ones than purple.

  8. O.K. All of you who like these, please meet at my house tomorrow at noon. Bring your shovels and dig to your heart's content!

    Lostroses, I have ajuga, too. I ADORE ajuga. It does creep into the grass, but I find it pretty easy to remove. I can't wait until my ajuga blooms! If you take my violets, I will take your ajuga! (*smile)

  9. Nickie,
    Are you Girl Gone Gardening?


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