Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hey, Zo, Whatcha Readin'?

Well, thank you for asking, Kris (even it wasn't in those exact words). :)

I am reading Savannah Blues by Mary Kay Andrews.

This is my first Mary Kay Andrews book and I am finding it quite an easy enjoyable summer read.

The central character, Weezie, is a recently divorced southern gal who lives in the carriage house directly behind her EX and his new love who share the historic townhouse that Weezie so lovingly restored. She is also a " picker".

What’s a “picker” ? I hear you all wondering out loud.

In the antiques trade it’s a person who goes to garage sales, flea markets and estate sales hoping to purchase (or "pick" out) the good stuff to resell to dealers. If you like to do such things you will get to share in the thrill of the hunt with Weezie. The author was an antiques picker at one time in her real life.

Weezie has a hunky chef for a boyfriend (who happens to have been one of her first sexual conquests well before he was hunky or a chef), a friend with the hots for a mortician, an ex-priest for an uncle who is now her gay lawyer. She needs a lawyer because her ex husband’s new lover’s body just fell from the closet door of the mansion she broke in to because she needed to use the bathroom. And I’m only about a quarter of the way into the book!

If you’re into deep thought-provoking reading material this is one book to skip. If you just want a fun read while sipping an iced beverage in the sun, you may want to get a copy of Savannah Blues.

Personally, I can’t wait to see what happens next.


  1. I am married to a picker!!!! Well, not really - he doesn't sell to dealers - usually he keeps the stuff or sells to regular people on ebay or Craig's list. Still, he loves those garage sales and estate sales!

    I have seen this book extolled on a couple other blogs recently, and I think I'm gonna have to get me a copy. Thanks for the review Zoey!

  2. Say what (that paragraph about the dead guy falling out of the closet)?? That's a lot of loose ends to tie up there. I so need to read again.
    I am still sort of a 'picker' for eBay. I haven't sold much lately as I find Sean has needed the computer so much more lately. He now has a laptop and will be going away, so I'll get into it more. I think it's fun to look too!


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