Sunday, May 20, 2007

The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.

This saying adapted from a line in “To a Mouse,” by the Scottish poet, Robert Burns, fits my day perfectly.

I had big plans to work outside today, but at 10:00 a.m. it's still only 39 degrees
with a light drizzle. It looks like I will be inside all day.

Luckily I have a lot of energy today (I've been lacking for the past few weeks). I have accomplished quite a bit already -- a big pot of chili on the stove for later in the week, Petite steaks in a Vidalia onion/tomato sauce in the oven for tonight's dinner,and I have scrubbed the kitchen and bathroom floors.

DH just came in the door from church and this is how he found me.

He cracked up laughing and grabbed the ever present camera and snapped this shot (It's a little blurry because he does not know about using a flash indoors).

So what am I doing here?

Well, I had just grabbed my laundry bag and was heading down to the basement to throw in a load. Along the way, I grabbed a beach towel to put under my foot to dry the kitchen floor as I skidded over to give the chili a quick stir. Now that's what I call multi-tasking!

God, I love when I am energetic! Back to work I go.


  1. I love all your tulips. So glad the deer left you some to enjoy this year. Sorry you couldn't get out to garden today. I got out a couple hours this am but it's raining now.

  2. LOL Zoey you are the queen of multi tasking. Your tulips are gorgeous. I miss commenting everyday but sometimes blogger will just not take my comment. Maybe the weather will be better next week.(seems like I remember you saying you have next week off)
    Take care,

  3. Boy, do I ever understand "multitasking"! We have company coming this weekend and today, I cleaned out my half of the garage and both vehicles. This will be crunch week for us so I'll be doing lots of the MT thing.

  4. Thank you, Jean. I am so glad they left them alone, too. I think spring tulips are my favorite flowers, but I get so discouraged when I spend so much time, effort and money and those darn deer eat them all! That's why I have not planted any for the past two years.

    Pat, I miss your comments! I keep wondering if you are coming to visit. I wonder what's wrong with Blogger? You have a good memory. Yes, I am off next week. I do have to go in for a few hours tomorrow to do payroll. If I don't go in, nobody would get paid, as I am the only person who knows how to do payroll. It's a pain when I am on vacation. I would like to get the full 9 days in a row off! Oh, comes with the job.

    Giddy, I can tell you are a hard working woman--you are always busy getting things done! I must admit that I never clean the car/truck. DH does it. In fact, he is out right now cleaning my car. God bless that man! On the other hand, HE never scrubs the floors....LOL.

  5. Hi Zoey:-) I'm still giggling at that picture of you multi tasking! hehe I love it! Bet it smells so good in your house...I love chili, yummm! The strawberry jam pictures in my post from yesterday are from last year...the Saturday Photo Hunt asks for us to find pictures we've taken of certain themes and that was mine this week:-) Our strawberries won't be ready here until at least July! We had frost again this morning and it didn't go much higher than 50F today. Ugh. My poor faerie garden is really struggling, nothing grows in this type of weather!! I so love your tulips...that Greenland variety is absolutely gorgeous!! I will have to keep an eye out for those! xox

  6. I've been thinking about you a lot lately Zoey, and there you were in my inbox today! I'm glad I stopped in and caught you in this pose. You always make me laugh :) Your hubby is conditioned to grab the camera I see :) Good job DH!
    I'm glad you have your energy back. It's hard to imagine you without it! Your gardens are looking lovely with all the spring flowers. Aren't tulips so bright and beautiful? A sight for sore eyes! I'm off to look at all your pics and catch up on what you've been up to.
    I love it when the hummers come back and we are so excited to see the orioles!

  7. LOL! Certainly multi-tasking there.
    I wanted to grill something today, but we were all tired from yardwork so ordered Chinese food.

  8. Good morning Zoey:-) I was going to comment on your post of today but your comments aren't turned on...ever since Blogger started with the auto save of drafts, if you check your options on your post itself, sometimes the comment section is turned off. Grrrrr! Anyway, so glad the banana bread turned out for you:-) I should have said chocolate chips were optional...I don't always put them in either! lol xox

  9. Hi Pea,
    I just got home from work and noticed that the comments are off. I'd better go check it out now. Thanks for the heads up (as well as the recipe!).


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