Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Poppies and Phlox

First I must address a comment from quiltingkim, who wonders how I got my zinnias to bloom so quickly while hers are only a few inches high. Easy, Kim, I bought them in bloom! :) Thanks for asking and thanks for stopping by.

Long view.
The poppies that are blooming are way down at the end.
Look at the grass. It's already beginning to turn brown. We need rain!

All the beautiful creeping phlox and ajuga will be gone very soon. I wish it would last all summer, but at least it will stay a nice dark green color.
It's kind of interesting taking a picture up through the poppies.
These poppies are all doubles. I like the singles much better. I find the doubles too big and heavy which causes them to fall too easily. As soon as we get a rain, they will be lying on the ground.

The smaller rockwall garden has some spring phlox (dame's rocket) growing with the poppies. It's really quite a weed and I have tried to remove it from most of the gardens. I do like the purple/orange color combo, though, so I've left it in this area. There is a ton of it growing behind this wall so there will be lots of purple in the next few days.See the rusty wheelbarrow in the background?

It's sitting where I left it last week after dumping a load of weeds. I thought it looked rather artistic, like a piece of garden sculpture. :)
I have more flowers growing in back of these rockwalls than I do in front of them. When weeding I toss shovel fulls of stuff over the wall. Every now and then I find something that I didn't mean to throw out and I just go around back and dig it up and move it back to the gardens.


  1. I'm glad you named those purple flowers for me (the Dame's Rocket/Spring Phlox). It's blooming by the roadsides here now and every year I see it and wonder what it is.

    I am waiting for my poppies to bloom. There are some big fat buds, but no flowers yet.

    Creeping phlox and ajuga make a wonderful combination. I will have to remember that. I'm about sick of vinca right now and I'd love to replace it with creeping phlox. (Realistically, it's probably not going to happen though.)

  2. You are a fun gardener! Your gardens look amazing - I love to see your photos. I have a rusty wheelbarrow that I've retired to one corner of my garden - and I filled it with metal pumpkins (the kind that are just iron ribs - I'll post a photo sometime soon if you don't know what I mean) - anyway, it's one of my favorite garden decorations. Hope you get some rain soon, but everything in the photos looks great!

  3. Your photos are lovely!
    I like the creeping phlox, but I don't have much luck with it. I think my soil has a lot of clay in it. And as you said, it doesn't last long.
    My poppies have disappeared too. I have plenty of other things to watch and photograph.

  4. Wow, Zoey, what a display! Your beds look fabulous and I like the artistic sculpture, I mean rusty wheelbarrow, too!

  5. Zoey, what a gorgeous border. The purples and blues with the poppies are a brilliant combination and very soothing and relaxing to look at it. Looks like a professionally designed garden.


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