Wednesday, May 2, 2007

What Do They Look Like Today?

Anybody remember the show the Munsters? I was surfing channels and stopped for a minute to watch it. Silly show, but it was part of my childhood era. I decided to google to see what Eddie looked like today.

I decided to look up one of my childhood favorites, Family Affair.

Remember Cissy and Jody?
She had the second best bouffant flip on TV
(Marlo Thomas was #1).
Well, here they are recently at some TV awards.

Not that long ago, I would have wondered about things like this, but never would have known the answer. Now I just "goggle it" and everything I wanted to know appears almost instantly.

How did I ever live without the internet?


  1. Oh wow, I use to watch The Munsters and Family Affair allll the time...are we showing our age or what here? lol I hadn't seen what they look like! Like you, when I need to find out about something I just Google it...that's when you realize how fabulous the internet is!! xox

  2. What's scary is I'm the same age as Johnnie Whitaker who played Jody. : )
    Actually he looks good! It's fun to find the specials on too like the Brady Bunch one. I'm alittle younger than Jan. They all look good! I just saw Marcia (Maureen McCormick) was on that Celebrity weight loss cable show.

    I google people I haven't heard from in ages and sometimes get info.

  3. I love the internet. I am constantly Googling things when I am watching TV and even movies. It brings an extra dimension of understanding to the show when you can get that extra information while you watch. "What did he just say? What is that?" *Google* "OH!! I get it now!"

    I also use it to look up trivia info on people in the show while we watch. Great fun.


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