Sunday, May 13, 2007

You Know It's Spring in Michigan When You See All the Orange

Construction Barrels!

I think we went through a 14-mile stretch of them.

Since I am a wanna-be fashion critic, I made sure to dress for the occasion. See how my socks match the construction barrels?

(Hee hee. I hope you realize that I did NOT purposely dress to match!) I was riding in the car with my feet up on the dashboard reading magazines. It's my favorite traveling position.

We had a very nice anniversary dinner.

DH had a Budweiser and Porterhouse Steak meal.

I had the Steak au Poivre that I had a few months ago. It was over cooked. I ordered medium and it was not pink at all. Nonetheless, it was a good meal.

Since it was a celebratory dinner, I tried a Tequila Sunrise. Isn't it the most beautiful cocktail?

It was delish...didn't taste like booze at all, which is what I like. Look how they had not one, but three cherries as the garnish. I love those maraschino cherries!

I almost forgot about my Caesar salad.

It was quite wonderful. Notice that half of the Tequila Sunrise was gone by the time the salad arrived. It took way too long to get that salad (I drink slowly).

We were home by noon today. I worked outside for about an hour. I am so far behind on everyting! The gardens are full of grass/weeds. I should have had that all removed weeks ago.

My creeping phlox and ajuga is just beginning to bloom. I will take a pic in the next day or so to show you. First I have to remove the grass growing in the phlox!


  1. Happy Anniversary Zoey and DH! Looks like a good meal!
    You are lucky to be able to read while in a car, I just can't.
    I'm still catching up with the gardening myself.

  2. YUMO pics Zoey!!!
    Happy Anniversary!!


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