Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Allium, Phlox and Iris buds

6:30 a.m. today (you will be able to see them a lot bigger if you click on them)

Dianne, These are the Persian Blue we both bought. As you can see mine are very short and small this year and some of them did not even return.

I must say that I do like allium and phlox together. By now you have all probably figured out that I like creeping phlox with just about everything, except grass!


  1. I love creeping phlox too! It looks so beautiful in your garden. I don't have the space for it myself :( I don't have any alliums either but i was thinking of maybe getting some for next year...or the year after, probably...

  2. Oh Zoey, it looks so beautiful everywhere you look! I just love that creeping Phlox and I'm very tempted to buy some!! xox

  3. Your beds are beautiful with the creeping phlox border. Everything looks great!

  4. Stopping by via LostRoses--I do not live in Michigan, but in Pennsylvania. I am, however, a gardening nut in the summertime. And I love your photos--such wonderful colors. I read back through several of your posts, and see you do the same thing I do--go all out planting flowers in pots, & elsewhere. I counted this spring--I now have about 75 pots with flowers here & there. Your setting looks much more inviting than mine.

  5. Zoey, Zoey!! Perennial, purple passion! It's just gorgeous.

    I used to have large sweeps of that bluish-lavender Phlox sublata up north, and love how it swirls around your garden.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  6. Your gardens look very nice. I wish I had the room to have all those gardens. Although Chris would go crazy with all the bees.

  7. Your gardens are so cool - I love them! The creeping phlox make a great border - looks like a river meandering past the gardens. I love all the purple you have going on now. Very nice.

  8. Hi Kate,
    I just ordered some more allium from Brecks. It gets planted in the fall like tulips.

    Pea, I bet it would look nice in your new fairy garden.

    Hi Jean, Thanks. :)

    kgmom, Welcome and thanks for stopping by. Yes, we do about the same number of pots, though, so far this year I have done much less.

    Annie, I like that -- purple passion--wish I had used it for the post title. LOL

    Laurie, you are right about the bees. They are all over that phlox and ajuga right now.

    Hi Kris, Thank you.

  9. I love your phlox too. I have two kinds. One, Scarlet Flame, took a beating over the winter and I was left with just one sprig this spring. The other, Candy Stripe, is my favorite. It smells like maple syrup.

    I will be dividing my 5 year old Candy Stripe this spring to get a nice sweeping border like yours.

  10. Even though we both have Zone 5 gardens, I'm just amazed at how much further along yours is! My poppies don't even have buds yet!

  11. Sylvana, I never noticed that my phlox has any smell. Is the candy stripe red and white?

    I thought I had the garden that was the last to flower with everything. I am glad to hear I am ahead of someone! LOL. You probably have the good poppies. My good ones are not flowering yet either. They do have big buds and will probably open any day now. They are bushier and have shorter stems.

  12. Zoey...I love creeping phlox too...I have a light purple and white in my garden. I want to put some in front of my house when we get more shrubs put in. Great pics.



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