Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Happy Hour Bouquets

EXCLUSIVE! Hip and trendy, our Cosmopolitan Bouquet serves up fresh floral fun metro style! This exciting addition to our Fresh Flower Happy Hour series is designed by our select florists in an oversized martini glass using the freshest pink carnations and a touch of pittosporum greens. Topped with straws and faux lime slices, it's a sassy surprise for your best friend, the ladies who lunch, or anyone who's in with the in crowd! Our florists select the freshest flowers available so colors and varieties may vary. Martini glass measures 10.5"H. Arrangement measures approximately 16"H x 12"D.
You can buy it here for $69.95

They have a number of different versions:

Apple Martini, Margarita, and a Glass of Beer.

Wouldn't these be cute on each table of a cocktail party? I'm thinking of tables at work, because I certainly do not have cocktail parties.

I must stash this cute idea in the back of my mind. I may try one with my own flowers this summer.


  1. Love these! The price seems a bit steep ($69.95 for mainly carnations??) Yikes!!
    I bet you could make those at home for a fraction of that Zoey!!

  2. I'll have a pina colada please:-) How interesting, I'd never seen anything like these before!! Zoey, I'm thinking that my seed pods ARE from a lily...namely my Lily Asiatic "Vivaldi"!! The more I'm thinking of it, the more I'm pretty sure that's the plants I cut those pods from when they were done. Thank you for your help:-) Now if I can get the memory brain cells to work right, I'll be all set! lol xox

  3. Pea, So glad to be of help. A pina colada does sound yummy right now!

    Susie, Yes, I think the price is pretty steep, too! It does look like it would take a LOT of flowers to do. I think I have one of those large containers in the basement!

  4. Those are so cute!!! I may need to make a cosmo tonight now heehee


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