Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I Got a Sunburned Neck and about 40 Containers Planted Yesterday

I planted six hanging baskets. I used one ipomoea ($2), one wave petunia ($2), one asparagus fern ($2)and a couple of orange zinnias ($1.00). So each basket cost about $8.00 (I am including the cost of the 8 bags of potting soil). That's much less than the $20 - $25 each I would have paid. They do look pretty ugly though. Hopefully they fill out soon. I've already lost track of what I've spent. I think I am around the $175 mark. I also think I am about done planting containers. I've only done about half as many as I usually do, but I think that's enough.

I want them all in purple and orange. I went to three flower places and could not find anything orange that would not be overtaken by the wave petunia. Finally at the last place they had 1/2 a flat of poor quality orange zinnias. I bought them out of desperation.

The wave petunias are not in bloom, so I don't really know what I am getting. They should all be some shade of purple.

This is a wall planter with marigolds, a dark sweet potato vine and some red celosia.

The 4 planters that flank the deck entrance are planted with the same colors.

I am getting so many hits from people who want to get rid of their ajuga. It amazes me that anyone would want to be rid of this spring beauty. It's by far my favorite ground cover.

(Ajuga is the darker purple behind the creeping phlox). Here it is close up.

I guess if it's planted in a small area I can see where a person would want to remove it. It does spread quickly.

I spent Monday afternoon digging the grass out of the phlox. It's about the worst weeding job of all. Digging in the mat of flowers in full bloom is not the best time to do this chore, but I have to do it when I have the time. I have the rockwall gardens almost finished. I still have phlox in the other gardens that need the same treatment. I am in fact, still overloaded with garden tasks and not particularly in the mood to do them.


  1. Your containers look very nice - can't wait to see them filled in and blooming. That is a lot of work - I did a few yesterday - shopped for plants and then managed to get 8 done. Seems pretty puny compared to your day!!! What do you use to line your wall planter? I bought some of that coco fiber moss or whatever they call it - but good grief that's expensive!

  2. I guess it's no use asking you if you want to come and do my containers now eh?? lol I haven't even started on mine but I certainly don't do as many of you! No wonder everything looks so beautiful around your place though! You put so much work into it but it's so worth it when everything is in bloom:-) xox

  3. You worked hard! I noticed your wheelbarrow with potting soil in it. Do you mix your own? I do, because it would be so expensive otherwise.

  4. I too was planting things I just purchased today after dinner. I don't have as many hanging baskets as usual, but I always hope to find some cheap ones.
    I too think the orange and purple work well together. Everything will fill out when they get a good dose of rain and warm sunshine.

  5. Kria,
    My wall planters are lined with screening and landscape fabric. I save old screens from work (remember I work at a hotel with hundreds of windows, so old screening is plentiful). I use coconut liners in my baskets. I buy them at the end of the season when Joanne's has them cheap. They last a good three years because I don't plant directly in them.

    Pea, Thank you. Yes, it's a ton of work!

    Carol, No, I don't make my own. I bought it. I just dumped a few bags into the wheelbarrow so it was easier to load up the containers.

    Dianne, I may plant more if I find some nice markdowns later in the season. :)

  6. Forty containers, especially with orange and purple - now that's gonna have some impact!

    It already looks good, Zoey, but should be spectacular soon.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  7. Good job done! Mine look about like yours. We just have to have faith that they will eventually look as good as they did in our head!

  8. Zoey - thanks for sharing. Last year I bought 8 iron windox boxes (to go with the 2 I already had). I use them on the fence, but had decided between plants and coco liners I could only afford to do my original 2 this year. Now I'm thinking when stuff comes on sale, I can probably manage a few more. Great way to do the liners - thanks!!

  9. Ah, the seasons turn and Zoey is planting up her containers again.

    Looking forward to living in Michigan vicariously through your garden. Thanks!


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