Friday, November 3, 2006

What's on the Fridge Meme?

I just came from Sue's site where she posted a picture of her nice big black refrigerator with her interesting stuff attached to it. She says hers is plain, but she has some pics of grandkids, a menu, some magnets, etc. She invited anyone wanting to participate in the meme to consider themselves tagged, so I did.

As you can see there is nothing attached to my fridge. There never has been. Ever since I've had a refrigerator it's been bare, both on the top and on the front.

So I am wondering what that says about me? It seems that everybody else has stuff on theirs. Even my mother has magnetic stuff on hers.

I bet I have some sort of obsessive compulsive disorder and some high-priced shrink would just love to get me in his big leather chair to help me overcome my fear of refrigerator magnets.

Does anyone else out there have a bare fridge?


  1. That's it...I'm sending you some magnets!!! lol I'm afraid I've always had magnets and such on my fridge...I'm not sure if I've ever seen anyone NOT have anything on their fridge! You may be the first one!!!!

  2. Magnets won't stick to the front of my fridge, so I have nothing there. But the small portion of exposed side is like a bulletin board, only with magnets holding things up instead of thumbtacks.

  3. I thought mine was very bare! You have me beat hands down!!
    Yours does look nice and uncluttered though!
    Is tomorrow "count the cookie cutters day?"

  4. You're not alone Zoey. Mine is completely bare but it is stainless steel and I was told not to put magnets on it. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. TWT

    B.T.W. Love your new picture and your hair looks great, worth the prep time.

  5. i'm not crazy about refrigerator magnets either,
    but i just love to gee-gaw my refrig with pix of my friends and family.

    by the way, I adore your new photo in your profile!

  6. The front of my refrigerator is Purdyville Central. The week's calendar is up there (which has appointments, the week's dinners, who's washing supper dishes and who's setting the table each night. Behind that calendar are the recipes needed for the week (printed on the computer with Mastercook). If any banking needs to be done, that is in an envelope waiting for banking day. The chores that are changed only once a year are listed up there, and if there is some paper my husband needs to sign or take to work, that will be up there, too. All of this stuff is important and I don't trust any old magnet to do the job. I got the super strong refrigerator magnets from Lee Valley--and they live up to their claims.

    On the side of the refrigerator (which has no cabinets and is the first thing you see when you walk in the house) I have a collection of photos, and a few magnets that set the tone of our establishment: "Martha Stewart doesn't live here" and "Welcome to the Nut House" (picture of squirrel).

  7. The front of my fridge has my monthly work schedule, but the side has pics of the family, bulletin board, etc. We have a small fridge, so there's not much room for a lot of things.

  8. I wish I had a bare fridge. It's an OCD fantasy of mine. Every so often I clear it off, and POOF! my family promptly return everything. Sheesh.

  9. Your fridge is white? Wonder what color mine is? I wouldn't know since I haven't seen the front or side of it in years. Among all the photos are cute little mementos like the first time my son wrote his name in cursive. He's 27 now.

  10. So far it looks like just me and TWT have bare fridges. I knew I would be in the minority.

    Lostroses, it sounds like you might get the trophy for the most interesting things attached to your fridge! LOL. Did you post a picture of yours? I am dying to see it!

  11. Most of my family lives out of state so I've got the family photo gallery thing going on. Does it count as an upgrade if the photos themselves aren't held on with magnets, but are in magnetic see-through plastic photo frames?

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  12. Yes, it does, Annie! At least that's how I started, but I've overflowed those frames too.


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