Sunday, November 19, 2006

Hydrangea Christmas Tree

This tree sprang from a 90% off sale at Joanne's in the fall of 2004. I walked into the store one October day and they had these huge blue hydrangeas that were $5.99 each for 59 cents each. I immediately thought of a Christmas tree and grabbed all they had. There were also three Burgundy colored and I grabbed those along with numerous smaller branches for filler.

My cart was overflowing and the checkout person asked me what I was going to make with them. "Oh, really?" she said when I told her. I could tell she would never have dreamed to put them on a tree.

This tree has two kinds of gold sparkle ribbon twisted through, huge gold balls, silver beaded apples, and a few little foil-wrapped gift packages. The white hanging beads came from bead garland that I just cut into little pieces so they could "drip" down (most of them are held on with twisted paper clips! I have to get creative on my low decorating budget.). The ends of about 16 branches boast Burgundy-sparkled twisted icicles.

You can see there a few clusters of berries and quite a few sprigs of sparkley beads and spikey liatris flowers that go on last and stick out all over the tree. These are difficult to see in the pictures.
That, by the way, is one of the secrets of doing a nice tree. You must have something -- beads, twigs, flower spikes, etc.--that stick out in all directions to add another layer of texture. The tree just looks flat without it.

At least in my somewhat humble opinion.


  1. Oh Zoey, it is so lovely. Since years ago I had no Christmas tree, because children are adult.
    But this one I would place in my living-room! Very nice!


  2. How very beautiful!! Too often we don't think of putting certain things in our tree, like those flowers, but you've just proven how wonderful they look in a Christmas tree! I can't wait to put my tree up but that won't be until the last weekend in November:-)

  3. Love that tree all the colors and textures. Beautiful.

  4. Zoey as usual you have given me lots of inspiration for my xmas tree. Love the idea of the bead garland cut up and hung with paper clips. My good friend Nature Girl told me last year to use hydrangea on my xmas tree (we actually raided the neighbourhood this summer for fresh hydrangea)and it was a beautiful addition. I had so many compliments, it gave the tree that little something extra. NG also recommended spray painting dried fresh hydrangea with gold paint and adding it to your mantle piece arrangement. TWT

  5. Really beautiful Zoey, like something out of a decorater magazine!
    You're so talented and such a bargain from Michaels!

  6. That certainly is a beautiful tree. We still do the family tree thing, with all the homemade ornaments and kids' novelty ornaments. Maybe in ten years I'll collect a bunch of beautiful matching decorations and do a tree that's fit for a magazine. ;-)

  7. THE most beautiful tree EVER! Stunning!
    I can't wait to show my girlfriend... just a few weeks ago she went into JoAnns and she too, got the same color hydrangeas at 90 % off!
    You are sooo talented!
    I am inspired to think outside the box this Christmas.
    Thanks Zoey!


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