Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Beautiful Mild Day Today

As soon as I got home from work I went outside with my camera. It's amazing how much I never noticed before I got my digital camera.

Take this spirea bush. I knew it had lovely white spring flowers, but I never realized how nice the fall display was. Until just today I never even noticed that creeping phlox had such a high percentage of fall die-off and turned this orangey color.

Sandy over at Gardenpath posted a picture a few days ago that made me think of the three milk pod plants I'd seen growing on the old railroad tracks behind my house. I took a little stroll down the tracks to see if they were worth photographing.
As you can see they certainly were!

I picked a good armload of nearly dead or dead, but interesting, foliage.
And used it in this heart-shaped garage wall arrangement .
The milk pod right in the front is the one in the photo above. I pulled out all of the seeds and scattered them near where I cut them down. Hopefully, there will be many more next year.


  1. Only you could make such a beautiful arrangement with dead plants! lol It's gorgeous Zoey!! I had never seen a milk pod plant before and it looks like something from outer space! How fascinating!!

  2. I love what you've done with the dried foliage! Lovely...

  3. That was so enjoyable
    to walk around your garden with you.
    I must get my camera outside also . . . but it is so rainy right now.

  4. Zoey, did you ever use the black allium?

  5. I love your arrangement! Milkweed is pretty neat. It tends to grow where I don't want it and does it have the roots! The monarch butterflies eat it though.

  6. Zoey, I'm also very happy to have my Digital Camera and I do not know, what I have done without her!
    Your photos are wonderful.


  7. Thanks Sue and Pea.

    Becky, I hope you have better weather today. It's turning colder here.

    Sissy, Thanks for asking. You gave me my next post. I will show you a picture.

    Dianne, I've never dug one up. I know Monarchs like them so I want to encourage them out in the wild areas.

    Sigrun, Thanks. I am with you. I truly would find life without my digital very boring!!


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