Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Poinsettia Christmas Tree

Yesterday I did another tree at work (while mine still sit naked at home).
That is why I have always decorated at home first. This year I did not and am having a tough time trying to get in the mood to do it.
Oh well, it will get done eventually.
This tree is in the dining room at work. It is just red poinsettias, gold bows, some ribbon and some gold/red balls with glitter-covered ferns to stick out here and there.

I did not even realize that they are using red napkins in the restaurant. It's a perfect match even though I had no idea it would be. I basically grabbed whatever I could find and started sticking it on the tree.

It only took 45 minutes to do and I'm happy with it.

Even though it took less than one hour to do, I ended up with a sore foot.

I guess these are not the shoes to wear to decorate.

Ah, it felt good to get back to my desk and kick them off!

Before I left home yesterday morning, I laid out my new lounging p.j.'s that I bought this weekend. They are big and comfy and I was very happy to get home and jump right into them.

Ah, it felt good to get into comfy duds!


  1. Your tree looks lovely! I don't lounge in PJs in the AM, but I do enjoy putting them on in the evening. It's freezing here today and I'm decorating the house!

  2. That tree is pretty I love the red and gold together.
    Zoey I don't see how you can wear those shoes I guess you are used to wearing them,but honestly they make my feet hurt to look at them. They are pretty shoes though. I like those pj's.

  3. How many trees do you decorate, Zoey? I gotta tell you, there's no way I am ever putting a pic of my pj's up...
    You would probably call Salvation Army if you saw them!

  4. Zoey, I just LOVE the way you decorate trees!! This one is also as gorgeous as the other ones, SO very beautiful!! I can imagine how thankful you were to get home and into those comfy looking pj's!! hehe

  5. Sue, Could you fly over and do mine? :)

    Pat, I've been wearing them for 25 years, so I am used to them. Until recently I have never worn pants to work, so it was heels every day.

    Sissy, that's my last one. Those PJ's are new, otherwise I doubt that I would show them to you! LOL.

    Love both of your holiday profile pics!

  6. Beautiful as always. Where do you come up with all your different ideas? I could live in my p.j's 24/7. As for the heels, good for you. I haven't worn heels to work in years. Just can't cope with the discomfort anymore. TWT

  7. Beautiful tree! Makes me want to go to a Christmas party. I wish I had such fancy PJs to slip into. Of course, I'd probably never want to slip out of them and get dressed in the morning, so maybe it's a good thing I don't get too fancy.

  8. This one is beautiful too. Can't wait to see yours at home.
    I can't wear heels anymore.(Hye, I am from Arkansas; we only wore shoes, when we 'dressed up'.) lol I can stay in my PJs all day. BTW that quilted cover is outstanding!

  9. I like red and gold-this tree is so pretty and a great idea.
    I want to know-who took the photos of your feet? ; )

  10. BTW, to get inspired for your own trees, why don't you go to Michaels and look around? I'm sure you'll get inspired. I did the pink and white tree last year, I think I'm going with a winter wonderland theme, so I may stick to white lights and lots of crystal ornaments. (I even bought a few penguin ornies!)

  11. The tree is beautiful! I long for my pj`s too and can`t wait to get them on.
    There`s nothiong more comfy and cozy.


  12. I'm with Dianne: how did you get those pics of your feet? I can imagine some pretty funny contortions . . .

  13. Ahh, big comfy jammies, there's nothing better! Mine are not photo-worthy. Love ALL your photos and projects, even the work-related ones!


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