Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Enjoying the Small Moments of Life

I love it when I take the time to enjoy the small things in everyday life.
They don't come much smaller than this....

These are my vitamins.

(one multi, C, B, & calcium)
I put them in one of those little pill containers so that I know if I've forgotten to take them. While filling the container last night, I noticed how colorful they looked under these flowers. I thought they were pretty enough for a picture.

It's just a simple thing I do daily.
Today I took a moment to appreciate the experience.

I like that.


  1. Heehee! Great idea for a post.

  2. The flowers are cheery.
    You are so lucky to be able to take all those vitamins with no ill effects. I'd say to be careful that you aren't taking too much as you say you are taking a multi-vitamin plus the extras.
    I have a sensitive tummy so I can't take big doses of vitamin C and D. I try to get the vitamins through the foods I eat.
    I take Vitamin E every other day and milk thistle to improve my liver function which I seem to have a problem with (enzymes got messed up through having Lyme Disease). That seems to be an unfortunate weakness in my family. And I do not drink alcohol either.

  3. I know that wasn't really the point of your post-discussing vitamins. ; )
    And how in the world do you swallow all of them! No way Jose could I do it. No wonder you are like super woman with your house!

  4. I take a few vitamins every day, but abstain on Sunday's to give my poor liver a break! Right now, I faithfully take my multi, a Black Cohosh and 1/2 Aciphex for Gerd. On other days, I also add other mineral/enzymes to boost the old immune system

  5. Thanks, Karen.

    HI Giddy. I forget to take them at least one day a week. I don't stress over it.

    Dianne, I DO find them very difficult to get down! I have to do one at a time and sometimes it takes two or three tries. I just took them with hot coffee and they seemed to go down easier. Maybe that's the secret?

    I have to take them after dinner because they do irritate an empty stomach.

    I took these for the three years I was working out like a mad woman. Then I quit taking any when I quit all the exercise. I seemed to be losing energy, so I started up again about two months ago. I can't say for sure if they do much good, but I probably should be taking the calcium anyway at my age and I think I feel slightly more energetic now.

  6. At first glance I thought they were jelly beans! lol I just take one multi vitamin a day and that seems to be doing the trick...I call them my horse pills cuz of the size of them! lol

  7. I just remembered when my mom was in the hospital a few years ago she had pill swallowing problems and they gave her applesauce! It worked!

  8. That looks like my table, but I'm too lazy to put my vitamin collection in the nifty little container. I enjoy the challenge of seeing if I can remember to actually take them.

    Add a big amber colored one for me - Flaxseed Oil (my eye doctor said so). I'd like to be able to say I get most of my vitamins from the food I eat, but I think that Diet Coke and peanut butter sandwiches don't quite do the job.


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