Thursday, November 2, 2006

I am thinking of buying a new car

What do you think of this model? Doesn't it just cry out, "Zoey"? I am pretty sure I have a pair of shoes that look identical. LOL


  1. Hahaha. A high heeled roller skate. Crazy! (I know that one is a real vehicle, but if you had a pair of shoes that looked identical, they'd be roller skates.)

  2. Zoey I think this is a must have for you. The only thing though, is where would you put your DH?

  3. Oh my! They are
    so YOU.

  4. Oh no, Zoey, this modell is to small for me, I need a bigger one!

    Sigrun :-))

  5. Zoey - I love it. It is very you - so when do you take

    PS Guess what the word verification is for this comment.......
    mmzrSHOE.....appropriate I think...grin.

  6. Hi Karen, BEcky, Pat, Sigrun. It's true this model is a bit small. It might be too sporty for me.
    I am really more of a large leisure car kinda girl. :)
    Calidore, that's so eerie when the word matches the post!

  7. Yup that sure was made for you Zoey!! LOL I love it!!


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