Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I had to take a moment

to answer this question from Dianne:

I want to know-who took the photos of your feet? ; )
and Kathy:
I'm with Dianne: how did you get those pics of your feet? I can imagine some pretty funny contortions . . .

Well, ladies, I am able to do all sorts of things now that my arms are so limber from those morning exercises...LOL.

I just stood my camera on the floor and set it to automatically take the picture.
Very simple. :)

As long as I'm posting, I may as well show you the two blocks I made tonight.

Can you tell it's an angel?

I'm having a bit of difficulty remembering how to put on a mitered corner binding. I am fully frustrated and have given up for tonight. I tried to drown my frustration with some butter pecan ice cream. It did seem to help a little--especially the second bowl.
*big chubby grin*

I am planning to give these to people for little Christmas gifts IF I can get the binding to look good. I sure don't need a dozen more. Last year I made myself some dandy bluejean potholders that are still in excellent condition (I posted about them last spring). I use them all the time to set under hot dishes on the counter.

I have a SIL who likes cats, so my next one has a cat face in the center.

Hope you all enjoy what's left of your Wednesday evening.


  1. For my Wednesday evening I attended the play "Wicked" with my husband, using free tickets from my sister-in-law. I'm so glad we went (even though it was very hard to accomplish in the middle of the week). If you ever get the chance to see the show, it was very enjoyable!

    I love your quilting, by the way. Such a fun and useful activity to while away the time (unlike blogging, which is fun, but not very "useful"). I won't be joining you on the quilting, but two big bowls of butter pecan ice cream, count me in!

  2. Excellent! You really got the shot centered well too.
    Love your angel square. Ever think of doing a tutorial for a quilt lame brain like myself?

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  4. I wondered about the foot shots, too.

    Sometimes instead of mitering corners, I round them so that I can do the binding in one continuous motion. Yes, I can tell that is an angel.

  5. Ah the old timer on the camera trick, eh? lol Oh Zoey I just love those two blocks you were working on...yup, I could see the angel right away:-)


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