Friday, November 17, 2006

Sunflower Christmas Tree

I always have my Christmas trees up the first part of November because I like to do my own trees before my holiday decorating spirit gets burned out at the hotel. But this year I did not do my own first.

At home I am enjoying the earthy autumnal decor of the Thanksgiving season and am in no rush to bring out the Christmas items.

The hotel is another story. It is hunting season in Michigan. All commerce in upper Michigan slows to a crawl for two weeks during the hunting frenzy. It's the perfect time for me to decorate trees at work. We actually had our first Christmas function last weekend. They had to do without a tree because it was just too early and they understood.

Yesterday I did two trees. This sunflower tree is my favorite (as it was last year).

It is a combination of sunflowers, apples, and pears. The garland is crocheted twine (made by one of my co-workers). I am not liking how crooked it is in this picture. I never noticed that at work. I will have to fix it on Monday.
The tree skirt is a big piece of burlap. I cut some of the burlap into strips, frayed the edges and intertwined it through the tree.

This top is made of gold and red glass balls and works perfectly for this tree. It's not even a tree topper, but that never stops me. I like to use items that are not even meant for trees.

Tomorrow I will show you the hydrangea tree.


  1. The sunflower tree is unusual. I really like how you pulled it all together!

  2. Oh Zoey, it's just gorgeous!!! You did an excellent job decorating that tree, who would have thought you could use sunflowers to decorate a Christmas tree! Love how you put the balls for the top too! Fantabulous!! xox

  3. This is really different. I think it's a great transitional tree between autumn and Christmas. Sounds perfect for your neck of the woods too.

  4. Such a beautiful job! Who would have ever thought of a sunflower tree??!!
    ZOEY would!!!


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