Thursday, November 9, 2006

Dried Allium Revisited

Sissy asked me what I had done with my black dried allium.

Well, I jumped right on that comment for a new post. You all know how I LOVE to post. :)

So I grabbed the digital and went to the family room and took a picture of this little arrangement of dried allium and branches in my animal-print purse container. It is just a quickie arrangement I made, but I like it well enough to leave it there for now.

See how the black balls match the black lampshade?

Look how these books match the vase! These are two of the books I got from the library on Tuesday, so it was pure coincidence. Really. You don't think I would pick out books to match my vase do you? That would be just SICK.

What I am really planning to do with the allium is make an arrangement for that big bold black polka dot fabric I bought last week. Can't you just see those big balls in black, white and red with that fabric? Ooooooooo, I get chills just imagining it. :) I may even repaint some of the allium to match the polka dots. Did I actually admit that? Maybe I am a little sick. :)

When I do that table, you can be sure I will post a picture.


  1. What's wrong with being "sick"????? lol I noticed right away the books matched the vase and flowers! lol Can't wait to see that table all done up with the polka dots!! xox

  2. Pretty! And what is that black book??

  3. See, Pea. I just knew people would notice that and think I did it on purpose. I guess there are certainly worse ways to be sick. LOL.

    Sandy, the book is Deep in the Green, An Exploration of Country Pleasures, by Anne Raver. She is/was (?) a garden column writer for the New York Times and this is her first book of essays. The book was written in 1995.

  4. Heh, I was more interested in the titles of the books than what they looked like. I didn't even think of them matching until you pointed it out. I mean, who would match books with surroundings? That would be sick. ;-)

  5. It looks awesome, Zoey!!
    Do you leave the allium on the plant to dry or hang it somewhere?
    I love that little purse-vase!

  6. Sissy, I cut them down in July and stuck them in the garage. I like to take them down before they get too beat up. The seed pods had not yet opened when I took them down.


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