Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sunday Morning Cooking

This has not been a very successful Sunday morning cooking session.

I decided to make some more pumpkin bread and could not find my Starbuck's recipe that DH & I enjoyed so much. I did find somebody's grandma's favorite pumpkin bread recipe. So I made that.

Well, all I can say is if that's the best that grandma ever had, I feel sorry for the poor dear.

I really did not want to throw it in the garbage. It had a nice spicey pumpkin flavor, but the texture was the pits. So I decided to crumble it all up and toast it.
After it is toasted, I will turn it into crumbs in the food processor.

I am thinking it may make a nice little graham cracker-type crust for a pumkin cheesecake. It could also be sprinkled between layers for a pumpkin trifle. I will just stick it in the freezer until I get the urge to experiment.

I made some pumpkin spiral cookies that spread too much. They tasted OK, but were way too much work.

They had to be rolled just like the pumpkin roll cake.

I took lots of detailed pictures thinking they would be wonderful and I would post the directions for everyone.The appearance/taste payoff was not worth the effort so I won't bother giving you the recipe.

I also made two meatloaves. One is for dinner tonight and the second is in the freezer. I think they turned out fine.

The oven is now set on clean and I am off to tidy up the big mess I made of the kitchen.

The pumpkin bread crumbs turned out great.
I now have a full Folgers can of them in the freezer.


  1. What a shame about the pumpkin bread!
    I have the copycat Starbuck's recipe in my file (never sure if it's "genuine" or not), but it tastes very good!
    e-mail me if you want and I'll send it!

  2. The crumbs can come in quite handy. Make a yogurt "parfait", mix them with toasted, chopped pecans and sprinkle on French Vanilla ice cream, top a pumpkin pie, make a pumpkin bread pudding with rum sauce, etc, etc,etc.

  3. Now the trick will be to remember that you have those crumbs in the freezer and actually use them!

  4. My mouth waters every time I see some of your baking!! Yummm! What a good idea to crumble up those pumpkin loaves to use as a base for another square!! You are just so smart:-)

  5. It looks, as you are a good cook?


  6. Too bad about the pumpkin bread. What a great idea to make pumpkin breadcrumbs.


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