Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Let's talk about.............Measuring cups

I've got a few different kinds.

See the plastic gold ones? I must have had those babies since the 1970's.

I don't know where I got the one single metal one. I always liked that one, but its desirability lessened the same day its handle fell off in my hand.

The heavy plastic one on the lower left was always nice, too. But as you can see, that handle is also broken.

These batch of measuring cups is semi-retired. They served me well over the years, but now I bring them out only when I need duplicates (which is actually quite often).

But the real workers in my kitchen now are these long handled dry measuring cups.

I've had them for quite a few years.

They are great for dipping into my big jars of flour and sugar (yes, Sissy, they are old olive/pickle jars from the restaurant).
See how they fit in so nicely and go way down to the bottom? No more dipping the big spoon in trying to load the cup as its held over top the jar.

They are also very easily leveled off
Yes, the are a good thing.

The only problem is my set only came with 1/2, 1/3, and 1/4 cup measures. I sure would like to find a one cup and 1/8 cup.

Maybe Santa's elf will read this and I will find them in my Christmas stocking. Last year I mentioned a few things in my blog and they were all under the tree on Christmas day.

Imagine that!


  1. Wow, those long-handled measuring spoons are great! (They seem more like spoons to me than cups.) I'd want them in all sizes too. In fact I do want them. My elf doesn't read this blog though. ;-)

    Where do you find an item like that? I've never seen anything like them, even in our specialty kitchen stores.

  2. I recognize those orangey-yellow ones. They are Tupperware and mine had 2/3 cup and 3/4 cup sizes, which I often find handy. I have your blue ones in red, they came free with a bottle of vegetable oil. But I tip my hat to you, Zoey, you have the best everyday measuring cups I have ever seen. Like Karen, I don't recall seeing them before and would also like to know where you got them.

  3. I think I bought them at Kmart in the Martha Stewart section. I am not 100% sure though. They were not that expensive either--less than $10 for the set.

  4. Just today (it's Thursday) I broke the handle off my 1 tsp measuring spoon so I need to go buy a new set....I think I'll look for something like what you have! Love the idea of the long handles! I need a couple of new measuring cups too, with all the baking I'm doing right now for Christmas, the 2 I have aren't enough!!


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