Saturday, November 4, 2006


Sure looks like a lot more when they are out of their containers, doesn't it?

Look at this old Donald Duck one I found

It is not yet 6 a.m. & I have already counted and posted about cookie cutters.
Hmmmmmm........not even going to attempt to analyze that one.
I am off instead to bake some cookies.

Update: While my dough is chilling, I was putting all the cutters back and look what I found
Giddy the Garden Gnome!


  1. I was an early riser before I got married. But if I leave the bed early, my husband (who needs more sleep than me) will unfailingly get up and ask me what's wrong. So now I stay in bed with a book.

  2. ooooh! I am so jealous! I don't think I've ever seen a gnome cookie cutter. Do you think it may be an antique?

  3. Love the gnome! I came pretty close on the count didn't I??

  4. Soooo I guess you won't be putting Cookie Cutters on your Christmas list?? lol I cannot get over the huge assortment you have...that's quite a collection! Oh wow, just love the Donald Duck and Gnome ones!

  5. Kathy, that's a perfect time to get some reading done before the day gets too involved.

    Giddy, I don't think it's antique. I can't remember where I bought him though.

    Sue, Yes, you were the WINNER! I meant to mention that in the post, but was going to go back and make sure I had the correct guess. It was 217 wasn't it?.

    Well, I don't know, Pea. I might have room for just the right one....LOL

  6. Holy smokes. That's all I can say. ;)

  7. Holy cow! That's a lot of cookie cutters!
    I just bought some leaf and acorn shaped ones. I thought I could cut out the pie dough and make my Thanksgiving pie all fancy like Martha does.
    I love the gnome one, btw. : )

  8. I didn't read Melissa's comment, I swear!

  9. Now that's a cookie cutter collection! That garden gnome is great -- I love the tall hat on it. Now, how many of them have you actually made cookies with?

  10. Now that's the real question, Karen! Maybe 2 dozen, tops. LOL


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