Sunday, November 19, 2006

Just Waiting for the Turkey.....

I don't often set the table in just one china pattern, but today I used all Vernon Kilns dishes, called Fruitdale, a pattern that dates from the late 1940's. I think this china is just beautiful. It may be my favorite pattern to look at with no food on it. (It's not so beautiful filled with food.)

Here's my take on the pumpkin turkey. My orange pumpkin was just too bold with these dishes so I had to come up with something more in tune with the table.

I used one of my newly-purchased fake gourds secured (with earthquake putty) to a glass canister turned on it's side with purple daisies and yellow statice as the tail.

So the table is already set for Thanksgiving. .. 5 days early.... but, hey, who's counting? LOL.

I have to do a working woman's holiday... you learn to do these things when you have the the time. My squash is already cooked and in the freezer, too. I bought premade apple dumplings with cinnamon sauce that I just have to put in the oven for one hour, so dessert is all planned. I may sprinkle some of those pumpkin bread crumbs around & atop the apple.

So everything is going smoothly so far.

Judging by what people are searching for, it looks like lots of people have Thanksgiving on their minds. I've had TONS of searches for pumpkin roll, pumpkin roll breaking, and how to make turkeys out of gourds. If you are one of the people who found me with those searches, I hope you find some helpful info here!


  1. Zoey - sorry, this is nothing to do with your posting. I assume you have changed to Beta? Did you have any trouble? I've tried several times but keep being told that my blog cannot be moved at this time. I assumed it was because it's a fairly large blog, but yours must be equally large (perhaps not quite as many photos), so I wondered if you had any difficulty.

  2. HI Alice,
    I get the same message. So no, I have not been able to change yet.

  3. Your table is lovely. Too bad you have to mess it with food.
    How do you store all your dishes?

  4. Your table looks fabulous and I wish I was one of the guests coming over for Thanksgiving:-) Your china pattern is so gorgeous and perfect for this season!! You may have set your table early but hey at least it's one less thing you have to worry about!!

  5. Zoey, you apparently don't have pets that jump up on the table. I remain astonished by how organized you are. And what a pretty table! Is that a face on your gourd? Too cute!

  6. Zoey, you have such a nice porcellain!


  7. Oh my! You must be one of the most organized people I know of. I keep trying to learn from you. (It might be a lost cause.) One more reason to keep visiting your blog in case some of it rubs off. ;-)

  8. I love your dishes and your original turkey decoration!

  9. Thanks, everyone, for the kind words.

    lostroses, you do have a good eye. Yes, there is a little face on the gourd-turned-turkey head. And, no, I do not have any pets. Unless, of course, you count DH....LOL. No little kiddos around either.

    Karen, sometimes I let things go and they get pretty messy. I am probably no more organized or energetic than most people. But I hope you keep visiting anyway...... :)


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