Friday, November 10, 2006

More Fall Scenery

The big old maple tree that looked so pretty all dressed in her autumn finery is now naked and showing her poor health. On the left is a huge branch that broke off a few years ago and it's wedged between other branches and won't fall. Kids have climbed up and stuck those smaller branches in the front. This tree is not even on my property, so I can do nothing but admire it.

It is the tree I wanted to see so badly I paid to have 4 large pines removed to open the view.
We call it our "Eleven hundred dollar" view and still think it was worth every penny.

My poor burning bush was ravaged by deer the winter before last. It took a full year before it died. I had to remove 3/4 of the bush this spring. I probably should have removed the entire bush because it looks a bit strange, but I just couldn't bring myself to do so. I think it will grow back as there are a few small shoots on the back side. I was surprised, given the invasive operation it underwent this spring, that it produced berries this year.


  1. I think burning bush is one of those shrubs that can take a severe pruning.

  2. There is a row of old maples in the yard next to us, in about the same shape. One even has a limb hanging like that! They are close enough to land on our car if we ever have another ice storm, like the one not too many years ago.

  3. I'm with Kathy-I think you can prune it like a butterfly bush and it will come back young and strong!

  4. Kathy & Sissy, I had to do more than prune. All of the branches that the deer ate the bark off of completely died. I had to saw them off at ground level. Do you still think new growth will come up?

    Sandy, that is pretty scary. Be careful getting into your car!

  5. Sometimes it's surprising how a seemingly dead tree/plant can actually start new growth...I would give your burning bush one more chance. I have a lilac tree that I thought was kaput but lo and behold it started shooting up again last spring!

  6. I don't think you can really kill winged euonymous (burning bush). They self sow like mad and are considered an invasive species. I still have them in my yard as I love the beautiful autumn color. so far, the deer have left them alone.


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