Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Piecing my Nights Away

I've been experimenting with the 101 Log Cabin Blocks book I bought a few weeks ago.

I really enjoy making log cabin blocks. You never really know what you will end up with.
This is the start of a block. I'm thinking, "Hmmmm...Am I doing this correctly?"
It turned out to be the one in the bottom of the photo above. The one that sort of looks like a large pinky-peachy flower.

This setting is just a courthouse steps log (for those familiar with quilting), but I think the bunny center is so cute.

I am going to turn these into potholders. I've pinned some binding on this little house block.
I like the really thin little roof line on this one. When I look at this block, I get the feeling that it should be hanging near an old wood stove in a log cabin in the woods.


  1. You make your own pot holders, too?? The Amazing Adventures of our Zoey!!

  2. You are such a talented quilter Zoey. I tried one quilt block and the edges were not straight. I think being left handed does not help matters. I cut differently-always have. I'd love to know if any of your readers are left-handed and also quilt without problems.
    Love the potholders-they are too pretty to use!

  3. Awww those are so cute love the little house. I am not good with needle and thread but I have a friend that has taken on the task of trying to teach me to quilt. She doesn't know what she is getting in to. :) It seems to be a very relaxing hobby.

  4. They are all beautiful. I like the little house block. ;o)

  5. Sissy, it's more like, "What the heck I am going to do with all these little blocks?" LOL. I am planning to give these away as I have tons of them.

    Dianne, if you did paper-pieced blocks it would be easier to get them straight. I am having a ball with it and I just taught myself how last year.

    Pat, it is very relaxing. I bet you will be an old pro before long. Just make a few easy blocks and use them for potholders until you get the hang of it.

    Sandra, Thank you. If I remember correctly you are a quilter, too???

  6. My mother in law has that book. Your blocks look so neat. Maybe I will do some for pot holders, too. Hopefully, I will post some of my blocks next week.

  7. How wonderful they all look...I wouldn't even have the first idea of how to make those!! They are just all so charming and I love all the patterns!!

  8. Wow Zoey, that's great! I am new to quilting, I just started some weeks ago with some hearts. Thanks for sharing your work.


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