Wednesday, November 8, 2006

I Almost Did Not Vote Yesterday

It seemed like it would be an intrusion in my heavily scheduled day.

Then I thought of this woman

Susan Brownell Anthony

Who campaigned for nearly 45 years for the female right to vote. For 45 long years this woman fought relentlessly, only to die in 1906, over a decade before the nineteenth amendment was passed.

And I thought driving the extra ½ mile to the voting booth and spending about five minutes coloring in the ovals would be an imposition.



  1. There are so many things that people fought so hard for that we take for granted.

    Glad you took the time to vote,with so many close elections every vote does count.

  2. I was just reading a blog where the young Mom stood in line for 3½ hours to vote! (with a toddler) Can you imagine??
    We voted absentee and took our ballots to the polling place. (we weren't sure we'd be in town, or when Bill's surgery would be)

  3. Great post and one we all need to remember. The right to have our voices heard was hard earned and really a "right" that we have held for only a short period of time. TWT

  4. Sometimes I think we would appreciate the opportunity to vote more if it wasn't so easy. Just think of countries where dictatorships are in power and the people have no say in their government.

    Many in this country look upon it as a chore, perhaps because we don't have a choice - voting is compulsory for everyone over 18 years of age - and you can be fined for not voting.

  5. Good Girl! If we don't get out and vote, then we have no right to criticize what our legislators are doing with our hard earned tax dollars.

  6. We are so affected by U.S. politics in Canada that it feels like oppression that we too can't voite in your elections! Susan B. Anthony and I salute you!

  7. Sue, No, I cannot imagine standing in line for that long with a toddler. That lady is to be commended.

    Alice, I did not realize that! I learn so much from my blog friends. Do they really enforce that?

    Melissa, I also did not realize that you were in Canada. Maybe I knew, but I've forgotten.

    Hi Pat, TWT, and Giddy. Nice to see you all tonight.

  8. I think a lot of us get sick of voting because of WHO we have to vote for! I'm of the personal opinion that all politicians are idiots and it doesn't matter who runs the country, they'll mess it up! I often look at the names on the ballots and can't think of one person that deserves my vote...sad but true! lol

  9. It's easy to forget that we (as women) have only had this right for a short time. Thanks for the reminder.

  10. Midterm elections sometimes are so boring that we tend to think that nothing is worth going into that booth. For me this time was different. That poor lady... 45 years.. and then didn't live long enough to see it! Thanks for the bit of history!


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