Saturday, November 25, 2006

I Think I am Going to Fall in Love Next Week

I can't guarantee it, but I'm expecting that I will be falling head over heels just
as soon as I receive these Wusthof knives I just ordered for myself.

I'm feeling a bit of a thump in the old ticker just looking at these pictures

This is not a decision I've made lightly. At a cost of more than my first monthly mortage payment (in 1974), I have expended a considerable amount of thought before I hit the send button. Last year I bought one really good knife and now that I know what it's like to chop with quality, I've been wanting to buy more.

This morning I decided the time had come and I went to the only local store in town that sells Wusthof to buy a set. The price of Wusthof is pretty much the same everywhere, so I thought I would support the local economy. Sure enough the price was the same at my local store, but if I ordered on line, I would get these two free gifts:

A knife sharpener

and a cutting board.

I also would pay no tax and no shipping. My quick calculations indicated about $43 of added value. So I ordered online. I am, after all, a frugal shopper.

There comes a time in a woman's life when she says, "I deserve quality." Then she goes out and buys whatever it is that makes her feel like a million bucks.

I know I am going to relish the moment when I julienne that first carrot with my precision forged, hand honed, smooth, classically shaped full tang handled, triple riveted 8-inch chef's knife.


  1. When I finally got some quality knives (some are Wusthof) I wondered why I had waited so long. I probably should have purchased them before I plunked down the money for my first Cuisinart food processor, because when you add in the time to wash the processor, the decent knife would have saved me more total prep. time.

  2. We have a whole set of really great Henkels and I loved them up til I got my first Santuko knife. It is now the favorite one in the drawer. H and I fight over this one regularly. I still use the Henkels knives for slicing bread, carving meat and poultry, but the Santuko is superior for veggies, etc.

  3. Good for you Zoey. It is clear that you enjoy creating in the kitchen and this purchase can only enhance your cooking pleasure. I'm off this week to get mine sharpened. What a difference a good knife can make. TWT

  4. Very nice...we use knives so much, we deserve to have a GOOD set!!! Great deal you got by ordering it online! I need to spoil myself with a good set of measuring cups and spoons...I'm tired of using cheap stuff and it breaking on me!!

  5. You go girl! Seriously, a good set of knives is worth having.

  6. I LOVE, LOVE my "Rachael Ray" knife!!!
    Yes, it is the Wusthof knife that she uses on her cooking show. It was the best investment!!
    You will not regret your purchase!


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