Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Dahlia Star Elite

This is what I planted in May.

It bloomed a couple of days ago.

Let's take a closer look. It's a wimpy pale yellow and pink.

Hmmmm.........looks quite different in color than the vibrant two-toned orange one I planted!

Look! The tropicanna has a bud.

Another bud on this one

This Tropicanna Gold has no bud, but I wanted to show you my edging plant.

It's parsley! It works great as a spreader and you can snap off a little hunk whenever you need it for a dinner flavoring or garnish.

My deck seen through the callas at 6:45 a.m. this morning.

Today was nail day. I got some fun artwork done on one nail. For some reason I love these straight colored lines.

See the little diamond? It's just a blob of glitter nail polish.


  1. Very pretty flowers and nails! Dahlia are a great quilt pattern and I have always wanted to do one in oranges. I had a garden with all kinds of flowers in the orange family.

  2. My mom's former neighbor use to grow dahlias with dinner plate size blooms and I was in awe of them. We have some lemony yellow ones that really bushed out. I so like the two tone one you have, but it surely isn't what's on the package.
    I have buds on the roses and glads now-can't wait to see them before the Japanese beetles get to them (I do spray)! I can't wait to see yours too!

  3. I like your dahlia - but definitely not as bright and pretty as the one on the package! Love using parsley as edging - what a great idea! Your deck looks so cool - especially like the callas in the foreground. AND the nails are fun - I wondered how they did the jewel effect!

  4. Zoey, your poor dahlia! She is on the tender side, not at all the exuberant one ordered! And thank you for posting your cannas - I really miss mine this year. One solo emerged (I must have forgotten to dig it up) last month, and listen to this - it actually made its way THROUGH the weed mat that we put down!!!! I love your potted everything!!!


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