Wednesday, August 1, 2007

How Dry it Is

We haven't had any rain since that big hail storm a couple of weeks ago. Even that was only for a short time. I've given up watering anything except for the deck containers.

The poor grass is brown & dormant.
It looks like the flowers are still green and almost lush compared to the grass, but this longshot is deceiving.

Look how wilted the phlox is.
These are black-eyed Susans. They are pretty crispy.

These red daylilies are the only bright spot here. I sprayed the area behind the daylilies with roundup two weeks ago. The dry weather should help me to clear out the plantings in here.
I guess this is the driest summer in my memory.
After work tonight I may have to drag the hose out and water just a few areas that I don't really want to lose.


  1. Zoey, my heart goes out to you and your poor, thirsty garden! How sad to see all your hard spring work crisp up like that. I'll do a little rain dance for you!

  2. Zoey, One reason I always come to your blog is that you are in the same USDA zone --zone 5 -- except in a different part of the country. I'm in NW Conncticut, and we have had plentiful rain (I won't rub it in). But I find it so interesting that some flowers are at the exact same point in their lives -- the liatrus, for instance; mine are EXACTLY like yours. But others differ. My phlox is a little behind yours. I have lychnis (rose campion) all over; it's one of my favorites. I remember from your decorated seed packets of a year or so ago that you have it (and love it?)too. And with you as inspiration, I'm scattering sweet william seeds and hope they proliferate like yours have. Can you tell that pink flowers are my favorites?

    I'll think rain for you midwestern guys.

  3. I felt really bad when I saw your photos. I do hope some rain comes along your way and very soon. We've had summers like yours when I was scared because I was wondering how low the well water was getting. Doing a rain dance for you too!

  4. We almost never get rain from June through October. What a shame that so much of your beautiful garden is suffering. Perhaps we're in for a very wet winter...

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  6. Hi Giddy, I hope you really like to dance, because I need a lot of dancin'!

    Lucia, You remember my decorated seed packets! That made me feel good today. Yes, I like lychnis and this was a good year for it here, too. I hope those Sweet William seeds spread like crazy for you. Thanks for the rain thoughts!

    Dianne, you and Giddy get together and dance your little hearts out--PLEASE! LOL. DH told me he heard on the radio that this is the driest year in the past 20.

    Susie, you must have an automatic watering system? I would give up gardening if every year was this bad!!

    Wed Aug 01, 04:47:00 PM 2007

  7. That is how dry we are also. I hate it when it gets like that!!

  8. Zoey, my garden would totally die in the dog days of summer if it wasn't for the automatic sprinkler system. One of the big things I learned from reading garden blogs is that's not how most people take care of watering their gardens. The things we learn!

  9. Oh Zoey, that's the kind of weather we usually have in summer - you poor girl!

    We have no sprinkler system, but our yard is pretty small so I hand-water containers and borders.

    The contrast between your deck containers and the wagon-wheel bed is dramatic, with lush yellow calla lilies in one place and stressed phlox as you move away from the house. I hope you get that rain soon!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose


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