Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Am I the only person who has never seen a Harry Potter movie or read a Harry Potter book?

I do have a sense of the Pottermania that has engulfed the country for years-- can't help but pick up a slight bit of Potter info just by turning on the tube now and then.

But really, I know next to nothing about the character/books/movies.

And I intend to keep it that way.

I just wonder if there is anyone else out there like me.

Of more interest to me are some of the new words that Merriam-Webster will be adding to their next edition of the dictionary.

ginormous - combines “gigantic” and “enormous,” --I have a ginormous love of this word!

microgreen - a shoot of a standard salad plant. (It must be some shoot, because the Agave restaurant in Vegas sells their poblano cream and microgreen salad for $24.) Actually I have always thought of micrgreens as any tiny version of a salad green. Their definition makes it sound like it's one piece of a green, not a mini version of the green.

There are something like 100 new words.

I recently read that some dictionary was putting "EVOO" in their dictionary all because of Rachael Ray's obsessive use of the acronym. I guess when you're hot, you're hot.


  1. I have not read one Harry Potter book, nor seen one movie and I intend to keep it that way. My grandsons love the series. I have absorbed names, etc through them. That's it!
    I am so very over Rachel Ray. That EVOO drove me away (that and her annoying habit of picking as many items up at at time as she could)
    I do like ginormous though!

  2. I like ginormous too. No opinion on Rachel Ray - haven't really ever watched her. I am a huge fan of HP on the other hand. Have my copy of book 7 reserved and will read it IMMEDIATELY! I can wait for the movies to hit dvd - the books are much better than the movies.

  3. I saw the 1st 2 HP movies on DVD, but haven't read the books. I told everyone I was going to wait for all of the HP books to be published, then buy a complete set and read them one after the other. It will be a ginormous amount of reading, but when I'm done, I'll be able to converse with my mom, sisters, nieces and nephews about all things HP.

    Carol at May Dreams Gardens

  4. I read the first Harry Potter book as Sean was at 'that age' when it first came out. Also saw the 1st movie, not sure if I saw anymore at this point-lol We still watch a lot of movies together. He brought home 'Bring to Terabithia' last night which surprised me as I thought it was a preteen movie. We both read the Katherine Paterson book-me for a writing for children correspondence course I took in the 90s. It's cute so far.

  5. I saw when Rachael Ray received her certificate for EVOO from Webster Dictionary. : ) She tries to change a bunch of words around-like fabtastulous or something like that on her Dunkin Donuts commercial.

  6. I'm with Susie and Zoey. No interest at all. I had a teen secret pal and she gave me one of the books. I never opened it and sold it at a yard sale.

  7. I love harry potter, but only started reading because when the first book came out, my son still couldn't read well enough to read it himself, so we had to read it to him. But, i love children's/young adult books in general.

    Zoey, i recently made my blog by invite only and i know you take a look now & again...if you want an invite email me. It is mostly baby pictures these days LOL, but i still have some garden pics!

  8. I've never read any of the books but I have watched the first 4 movies...last month! I've had the series of dvds for a couple of years and finally took the time to watch them!! Now I understand what the hype is all really is interesting and you get really wrapped up in it:-) xox

  9. Susie, With grandkids I am sure you have heard much more about HP than I have.

    Kris, I know that are many adults who love the books even more than the kids. I almost always find that a book is better than the movie.

    Carol, LOL...ginormous amount of reading...I love it.

    Dianne, Treasure those movie watching times with Sean. They grow up so fast don't they? Yes, RR is always making up words. I just opened my mail and found an ad for her magazine. She is using a new word -- "small-idays" -- to celebrate the small moments in life. The woman is 40 years old. I think her made up words are getting old.

    Jean, that might change when your granddaughter gets a bit older. She will probably be wanting you to read them all to her. Which I feel sure you won't mind at all! *smile

    Kate, I emailed you. Congratulations!

    Pea, I would guess that a fun-loving girl like you would by an HP fan! :) I am more on the dull boring side....

  10. Nope, never read or saw any of the HP books or movies. I have all the magic I could possibly want right here in my garden!

    When my youngest son was about 8, we were at a restaurant in Florida eating peel & eat shrimp and had a huge pile of skins on our table. He labeled them "Rumpledshrimpskins". We laugh about that one all the time!

  11. Giddy,
    "Rumpledshrimpskins". How cute and clever! ... When a kid says it. I wonder if RR every googles her own name? Maybe she will find your comment. If we hear her use "Rumpledshrimpskins" we will know where it came from!

  12. I held out as long as I could but with 5 kids, it wasn't long before I was sitting in front of the t.v. absorbing Harry Potter details.

  13. Hi Jodi,
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  14. I have not read one Harry Potter book and I haven't seen any of the movies. I just don't understand what the big deal is.

  15. I was working in a bookstore when the Harry Potter craze first started. At the time I didn't quite get what the big deal was...until I picked up the first book and read it. I was immediately hooked. Since then I've read every book and seen all the movies more than once. I have book 7 pre-ordered from amazon. I'm actually rather bummed out that the series is ending.

    Rachael Ray - god, she annoys the heck out of me. I've never watched her cooking show but I've watched the Rachael Ray Show and I find her rather grating. She's very loud and her voice is rather brash. Then there's the silliness along with other things I find annoying about her. On the plus side she does cook some pretty good stuff.

  16. Not a HP fan..not into "wizardtry.'
    When RR first aired I emailed the show and asked why she had to yell all the time! 'Course I never heard back..hehe.
    ((huggers Zoey)))

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  18. No Harry Potter for me either. I've never read one or seen the movies. I do catalog them and send them to the libraries and we are gearing up for Friday. We have to sign a document from the publisher that we will not open the boxes before midnight on the 20th. Who are they kidding? How do they think the call numbers and the book jacket covers and the stamps for each branch get put on them? Oh, maybe by MAGIC!


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