Sunday, July 1, 2007

Last Night We had my Parents Over for Dinner

It was a spur of the moment event.

DH had a beef roast on the grill.

While it was cooking I called my Mom and asked her if she had started cooking dinner. She had not, so I invited them over.

The meal was quick and easy since I had already made the cake.

DH has cooked numerous times on the grill this year. That is very unusual. Our typical year is about two grilled meals.

I must say he is becoming quite an accomplished outdoor chef. I have enjoyed every meal he has cooked thus far.

The sun is coming out so I am going outside to work.

It's only about 50 degrees so I won't get too warm working out there today!


  1. Love your menu board! I'm going to come up with something similar (one of these days when I have "time", right!)
    I've enjoyed watching your videos too. Unfortunately, we gave our camera to the kids.

  2. Your garden is looking great! We grill often and Bill is in his element there!
    Your grilled dinner looks yummy and how fun to share it with your parents.

  3. I barbecue at least 3 or 4 times a week:-) That's something I've never tried on the grill though, a beef roast! Your dinner looks sooo yummy and sometimes these last minutes plans are the best:-) Very cool here too and I had to wear my jeans and a sweater to go water my garden! xox

  4. Tell you DH to send some grilling vibes my DH's way please. Your roast looks so good. We have a small charcoal grill at the moment. And your plates look nice piles with food.

  5. Zoey, the dinner was delicious too.

  6. Giddy,
    Thank you. I like that menu board, too. Unfortunately it's not real...nope, just a figment of cyberspace...I just typed my menu onto it for this post.

    Susie, Thanks. It's too bad the grass died out. It makes my gardens look so much better when it's green and lush.

    Pea, This is the first year we have tried it, too. We have had it twice now and both times it's been good. You will have to try it.

    Dianne, If you keep dancing and bring me some rain, I will send my DH over to grill for you! LOL. I think we are going to get some tomorrow.

    Thanks, Mom.

  7. Dinner looks very yummy - how fun to have your parents there to share it with you!


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