Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Chit Chat

Right after work today I had to go to my nail appointment. I got home about 5:00 p.m. I watered a few new shrubs I planted on Sunday. (I went to Walmart and they had tiny little shrubs for $4.00. I bought six of them.) Then I checked my blog comments and started to google all of the camera suggestions.

Thanks to all of you who took the time to give me suggestions--I really appreciate it! I just wasn't in the mood to read about digital cameras tonight, so I will have to check them out another day. I am leaning toward a lower priced camera this time. They don't seem to last very long for me, so I can't see spending a bundle. I do want one that takes nice clear pics and I want to take video, too. My Kodak had 10X optical zoom. That was nice, but in reality most of the pics taken at 10X blurred. It was rare to get a good clear zoom at 10X so I guess that it's not really necessary to spend more to get such high zoom capability. The new Kodak comparable to my old one is 12X optical zoom and it's in the $400 range. I am tempted to buy that one, but I really hate to reward Kodak with more of my money since I think the last one should have lasted longer than two years! However, if I buy the Kodak, I will already know how it works. Oh, such a dilema!

Let's not talk about cameras for now. I am getting a headache!

Anonymous in Ontario asked a question in her comment: ....have you in the past moved or divided perennials while in bloom? If so, how did it work out? Thanks in advance.

I move them all the time when they are in bloom! The secret is water. I did a post about it here. What are you wanting to move? Any plant with a bulb is tricky. I've moved many a lily in bloom with only marginal success. About half of the time I decapitate the poor thing, ending up with the flower but no bulb. Sometimes those bulbs are way lower in the ground than I think. So dig down as deeply as you can if it's lilies.

Well, I think my french manicure has dried enough so that I can go out and water all my plants.

I don't know how many of you have the fakey nails that you have to get done every two weeks, but for those who do, don't you just hate having to wait forever before you can do anything? It really takes a good two hours before you can savely use your hands. Digging in the dirt is totally out for the night unless I want to ruin the color I just paid for. I swear if I didn't work I wouldn't bother. But when you have a job where you have to point to the dotted line for customers to sign, you don't want to do it with the natural little stubs I have!


  1. I used to have the fake nails too. It got to be too much of a hassle. It took sooo long for my real nails to have any strength at all after they took them off. They were like paper and looked stained and nasty.
    What we go through for beauty!!

  2. Bri says you should go for a Canon-like a Powershot. Why purchase a camera from the same company that didn't last for you?
    I rarely worry about my fingernails. But I understand you need them to look nice for your job. Not to say I don't buff and nail them on occasion.
    ; )

  3. I meant file them-Opps!

  4. Your nails are beautiful, Zoey, so it's worth it. As for the camera thing, it is a pain, isn't it? My first digital was also a big old Mavica with the huge discs. It was a cast-off from my neighbor who had upgraded to a smaller one. When I finally got a newer version, it lasted one year. They told me the same thing as you reported. I also told them never mind, and put the $150 they wanted toward a new camera. So far, it's lasted almost a year and still going.

    I wouldn't spend big bucks either; I'd be too sad when it died. Good luck on your hunt!

  5. I thought about getting the fake nails since I can't grow any of my own - but I'm pretty sure that I'd just break them all off gardening!

  6. Susie, you are right. It's a hassle! I have had them for 15 years.

    Di, I think Cannon is the most popular brand. I will have to look those over closely.

    lostroses, yours only lasted 1 year? Wow. That is even worse than my record! It's really a rip off, but what can we do now that we are addicted?

    Sylvana, Gardening is hard on them. I do it and they last fairly well, though I normally am missing at least two when I go for fills.


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