Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Just before dinner last night, my neighbor knocked on the door bearing gifts from his garden.

My first local cukes. Delicious!
I have a lot of phlox blooming right now. So far I've spotted two colors of purple.

This one is a bright pink/purple.

My long windowbox is awash in yellow with the callas. I've planted some dahlias in there this year, but it will be a week or so before they bloom. They will work nicely to give a little color as the callas fade out.

My butterfly bush never did leaf out on the old wood. I finally cut the old stuff down a week ago.

It has started to grow rapidly. It needs to get another 3 feet high so I can see it from the deck. I was searching my blog to see when it bloomed last year, but I didn't find anything. In 2005 the first bloom was August 20 and it was small like it is this year. It looks like it may be awhile before I am watching hummers and butterflies from my comfy deck chair.


  1. Those callas are beautiful.. Are they hardy? I tried to grow them once but didn't know what to do with them in the fall.

    Zoey, Congratulations, I have given you an award. Stop by my blog to check it out.

  2. We can leave the callas in the ground and mine did rebloom, but they have never looked as fabulous as those yellow ones in your windowbox, Zoey! Lovely. Simply lovely.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  3. Marie,
    They are not hardy.
    I store them right in their container--soil and all--and stick under the house (in the crawl space) all winter. Here is a post about storing them when I remove them from the soil (about every 4 years).


    Annie, thank you for the nice words. I do enjoy these even when the flowers are gone, the speckled foliage stays nice until fall.

  4. I think I might try cutting down my butterfly bush.. It has done bloomed and needs to be trimmed.. Thanks for giving me the courage..

  5. Hi dirty fingernails,
    Good luck to you!

  6. Hi Zoey: Found you from Marie at Thyme for Herbs and love the garden! And the cukes! I just picked a few today. A little salt and pepper and what could be better than that!

  7. Zoey ~ Your phlox are so pretty. We a Canon Powershot S2 IS camera. We love it!

  8. My butterfly bush isn't blooming either, Zoey, can't think what's the matter with it. And don't you just swoon over the smell of phlox? Lovely callas, too.

  9. Layanne, Welcome! Please stop by again.

    Ah, Laurie, you've got the 12X optical zoom with image stabilization? See what a good student I was last week? LOL.

    Lostroses, does your butterfly bush usually bloom earlier?

  10. Zoey, it should be full of blooms! It always starts before the Rose of Sharon and you can see from my last post that it's in full flower. I cut the buddleia back this year but I often do so I have no idea what's going on.

  11. You may not have a lot of sunflowers, but these other flowers and plants are looking pretty darn good!

  12. I love the calla lilies - and I've never grown them - next year... Your phlox are beautiful.


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