Thursday, July 12, 2007

Container Comparisons

May 10 - freshly planted

June 11 - Just look at the orange Angelart nemesia. It has the promise of a great trailing plant.

July 12 where's the nemesia? It has ALL died out which is really annoying me. Just imagine how nice this would have looked had it lived. This plant did not justify it's $4 per plant price! Thankfully the Persian Shield did not let me down. It came from the brink of death to this full beautiful plant. I found a calla lily rhizome and threw it in after I had everything planted. Had I planned it from the beginning, I would have put three of them in there.
May 23, 2007 - The main Tropicanna container
July 12 - The dahlia in the back really took off. There are no Tropicanna flowers yet. The astilbe in the front is finished flowering and I will probably dig it out this weekend and replace it with some other perennial.
Well, I felt like digging a bit, so I went outside right after typing the above and dug out a few pink mallow plants as well as the astilbe. I replaced it with one of the fountain grass containers from the whiskey barrels and a container of optic grass that I just can't seem to find the proper home.

May 10 - One of the whiskey barrels freshly planted.

July 12

They have done well. Of course I just removed the purple fountain grass in the one on the left. Now I have to find something to replace that with.


  1. Hi, Zoey. Remember a while back I asked if I could quote you? That essay has just come out. It's on the back page of the August/September Horticulture magazine. It gives your blog's name, but no link (sorry, I included it in the manuscript) so it will be interesting to see if you get any visits from it.

  2. Your planters look great - it's fun to see them fill in (even when some things disappear). Enjoyed the process you went through to re-do them! I planted some Persian Shield in one of my cntrs this year (I think you're the one who told me the name!) - I love it - very cool plant.

  3. Zoey, you are a great visionary! I like seeing the date comparisons with your different containers. Reminds me a bit of what I did with the photos of my mom in my lastest post.
    My nemesia looks just ok, but I think it's on the way out in my windowbox.

  4. I so love how all your containers filled up so nicely...I just love that Persian Shield!! I've had a couple of plants die on me that I paid quite a bit year I'll know better! lol xox

  5. I guess your periodic reconfiguring and attention pay off - your containers really do 'pop', and with the fading plants banished and new ones planted, you don't get bored!

    Zoey, down here the Persian Shield is used in containers and as an annual, but it can be planted in a perennial border, where it acts like a herbaceous perennial, dying to the ground in winter, then starting up again in late spring. I love that purple so have them in both borders and pots.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  6. HI! I guess I must be the first person who found your blog based on the article in Horticulture.

    I just love your blog! I will be a frequent visitor -

    I garden in the mid-Atlantic (really zone 6; but I push it and try for zone 7)

    I like your dated container progress pictures - your planters are lovely.

    Happy gardening! Margaret in Maryland

  7. Margo,
    Welcome! I wish I had a prize for the first person from Horticulture to comment! How about some creeping belleflower? I am STILL trying to get rid of it! LOL. Pleae visit again and feel free to leave any comment.

    Annie, I think that is why I change things so often--I get bored looking at the same containers.

    Pea, I guess we just have to live and learn.

    Don't you wish they would note that it has a very short life span? It makes me so mad!

    Kris, Be sure to overwinter it someplace where it won't freeze. I have saved mine for three summers now.

    Thanks for letting me know. I will be on the look out for new visitors.


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