Sunday, July 1, 2007

Angry Housewives Eating Bons Bons

With a title like that, who could resist reading this one?

A friend at work just finished it and she gave it to me to read. She said it was very good. Have any of you read it?

The first couple of chapters didn't really grab me, but I stuck to it and am now getting involved with the characters. I am only on about the fourth chapter. I read it today while taking a little day trip to the west side of the state.

It's sweet cherry season over there and we stopped at this roadside stand to buy a bag.
You haven't had a real summer road trip unless you've experienced eating fresh picked sweet cherries while spitting pits out the car window. (Just be thankful I didn't photograph myself spitting from the side mirror)

Hey, Dianne, please put your dancin' shoes back on. That rain dance you did today hasn't worked yet! :)


  1. No, I haven't read or heard about that book but you gotta love the title! lol Ooooh fresh cherries...ummmm I'm kinda glad you didn't take a picture of you spitting out the pits!! hehe xox

  2. Ok...I'll put on my 70s outfit and find a tambourine-and dance like there's no tomorrow! ; )
    I read the book you are reading in the last few years. It's not bad-just a lot of characters to follow.
    I hope you have read the Ya ya books. Rebecca Wells is an excellent storyteller for women.
    Cherries are only in season for a few weeks and yours look good!

  3. I sat on the porch today and started a book I wasn't sure I'd like either but I'm getting into it. Too much so, I had lots to do today but spent hours reading! One of my guilty pleasures which helps make me a lazy gardener. The roses still need to be dead-headed.

    50 degrees? Gosh, I'll trade you a 99 degree day for one of those. (just one, mind you). Your plants are looking great and your weeding and trimming have kept you way too busy as usual! Love the yarrow. You find plants at garage sales?

  4. Pea, Some events just are not enhanced with a photo. :)

    Dianne, I thought the same thing about too many characters to follow and I have not even got to them all yet!

    No, I have not read the Ya Ya's.Wasn't there a movie about 20 years ago? I remember a bunch of hype about a movie, The Ya ya Sisterhood, or something similar that DH and I rented. We both fell asleep. To this day, he hesitates when I pick out a movie! Maybe the book is better (they usually are).

    lostroses, I love it when I get so into a book that I can't wait to get back to it. I didn't get any garden work done yesterday. I went out at 7 am, but it was so cold I came immediately back in. I am enjoying the cool weather.

    Yes, I found the plant at a garage sale for $1. Then we went to my MIL's and she said, "I have that plant all over. It spreads like crazy. Why didn't you tell me you wanted some?" LOL. I may be sorry I planted it.

  5. The book is like 80% better than the movie for the Ya-ya Sisterhood. There are other books (I have read them all). I am picky about novels I read and these are excellent. I also love Amy Tan though The Joy Luck Club movie on the hand, was fairly good.
    I'm on my last cross stitch round robin (6 in all and being rotated since last January!). After I send that home, I promised myself to read more.

  6. I'm going to be visiting my farmer's market this weekend and I hope they have the dark sweet cherries like the ones you have there. I love those things. The only bad part is I tend to take them to work with me and getting rid of the pit is a bit difficult *L*.


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