Monday, July 2, 2007

Confucius say...........

Dianne, you can stop dancing now because I am off work for the next four days. That means it will be raining like crazy tomorrow because I want to work outside.

Oh well, I will have time to catch up on my blog reading.

Look at this delicious salad I just finished eating for dinner.
It has chicken strips, mandarin oranges, and some of those cherries I bought yesterday. A sprinkling of Sesame Oriental dressing and it's a meal fit for a queen!

It was so good, I wish I was just starting to eat it now so I could relive the experience.

I took a little stroll through my water-deprived gardens a few minutes ago. There wasn't much worth noting. I did get a nice pic of this Sweet William, which is one of my favorite colors.

I have some really awful color combos out there right now. Last fall I planted some red/orange carpet lilies which are beginning to bloom and clashing like crazy with another Sweet William that has reseeded itself all over. I am waiting until a few more open to show you a pic.

By the way, all of the Sweet William you have seen on this blog, has reseeded from my original planting 20 years ago! Once you get it going, you will have it forever (even though it is a biennial).


  1. That salad does look just yummy!
    Hope you're able to have some sunshine during your time off!

  2. I was dancing all over my yard today for you too! ; )
    Sweet William must like it dry as mine aren't doing well at all this year as we've had all those downpours.
    Oh-I like the idea of cherries in a salad, esp one with an Asian flair.


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