Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Look at that Edge

I did some edging on the two biggest gardens today. Doesn't it look nice and crisp? Try to overlook the dead grass. Still no rain here even though it was predicted to rain all day today. This side is all orange and red now that I have pulled out most of the bright pink Sweet William.

Look at this clash of colors! It's a beautiful color of Sweet William and I hated to yank them out, but they just looked awful together.

These red carpet lilies look much better in this spot with the Veronica 'Sunny Border Blue' don't you think?I just dug it out from the rockwall garden and moved it here today.

The other bed has some of these pink 'Vivaldi' lilies blooming. They are actually very short and puny this year.
Actually none of the gardens look very good at the moment. It's amazing how a picture can make them look so much better than they are.

I also did a little rearranging of the deck planters. I moved the hens/chicks wreath to this barrel. I like having hens/chicks on the top (in the birdfeeder) and again on the bottom.

It gives me something a little different to look at for awhile. I am sure I will move it again before long.


  1. That is a nice sharp edge. Good job! And I like your new arrangement on the deck.

    I hope you get some rain, soon.

  2. Those pink Vivaldi lilys are beautiful. You did great on your edging job!
    Happy 4th to you!!

  3. You may think your gardens don't look good but I think they look fabulous! lol My Vivaldi Lilies are just loaded and should be opening up any day now. I ended up with a lot of yellow in my front flowerbeds...I think I'll be doing some moving around with my plants! lol You are very welcome for the recipe...hope you can use it:-) xox

  4. I use to be more picky about color combos but I keep in my mind that I like a rainbow of colors. I have orange marigolds next to reddish/pink nicotianas and I planted them next to each other on purpose-the clashing of colors bounces off each other-or something.
    Your flowers look good-esp the lilies.

  5. Nice edging, Zoey! Gosh your garden is big, I keep seeing new things. What, you don't like those clashing colors?

  6. I like that deck arrangement, and the lilies are beautiful with that veronica. Are you still without rain? We are getting some today, and it's much needed.

  7. You gardens look wonderful, I love all the color! I need to get my edging looking that good. Hope you had a fun get away!

  8. Hi Carol, Susie, Pea, Dianne,
    Thank you for the nice comments! Di, I like a lot of clashing colors, too, but sometimes a certain combo is just more than I can take!

    Lostroses, Yes, it's big. Too big for me to properly maintain this year.

    Karen, we got a little rain during the night. Still need a lot more, though.

    Countrygirl, Welcome! I hope I have a good time , too. :)

  9. I like your red carpet lilies - very pretty - and the vivaldi too. The hens and chicks are very fun. I'm impressed by all the edging you do - looks very nice.


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