Sunday, July 29, 2007

Is Zoey Reverting to the Hippie Days in her Attire?

No, it's not the sleeve of a new blouse.

I am turning my new paper-pieced table runner right side out.

First I had to tear off all the paper on the back side. Some people find this task so displeasing that they refuse to do paper piecing. I find it relaxing (to a point). Tearing all the paper off a king-size quilt is a bit daunting if you try to do it all in one day. But little items like this are no problem at all.

Remember the turkey block?

Well, I made another block with the turkey facing the opposite direction and combined those two blocks with some I had previously made. Now I have a new table runner which I have aptly named, 'Turkey Trots'.

It can be used anytime since it does not scream, "Thanksgiving", having turkeys in only two blocks.

I have it on my table right now with this chicken in the center. I do have a turkey soup tureen which I can use closer to Thanksgiving.

You will have to click on it to see any detail.

I love making runners because they are quick and easy and I have about all the bed quilts I need. The runners take up much less space and I don't have to hand quilt them. In fact, I barely even machine quilt them--just around the edges and in the center of each block to hold the backing securely.


  1. Love the runner and the chicken!!
    You did a great job and the colors are so cheery :)

  2. Oh Zoey, your new table runner is just gorgeous, you sure did a terrific job with it!! Love all the colours in it! Also love your new pink rubber shoes...very colour coordinated you were! lol I also use a toothbrush to clean the metal track on my shower stall, as well as around windows, it works so well:-) xo

  3. Outstanding job! I love your table runner. I PP and do not mind taking the paper off, I too find it relaxing.

  4. I love your new tablerunner. The colors,pale blue,gold and purple make me think "tuscany,and not just Thanksgiving!"which I love!

  5. Your table runner is adorable! I'm glad the turkeys are on each end so the centerpiece doesn't hide them.
    Speaking of hippie clothes, I am attracted to those collage like tops, something like tie-dye, but a little more sophisticated.

  6. All of your quilting projects are so cute - I love this runner.

  7. Nice color combination. I am not a paper piecer but you've got me tempted.


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