Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Did I Tell You How Much I HATE This?

After a few hours checking out these camera suggestions:

Dianne's Cannon Rebel Xti
Chopsticks Cannon SD1000
Pea's Cannon PowerShot A530
Karen's Nikon Coolpix cameras

I am a quivering mass of confusion. I've grabbed a bag of butterscotch chips and have decided eating those is much more fun than trying to figure out which camera to buy! (and I don't even like butterscotch chips, but it's the only thing I can find in the house that's sweet)

The Cannon A530 has 7.1 MegaPixels with 4x Optical Zoom --isn't that the same as the 1000? God, I don't remember! This is too much to think about on a work night! If I could just find the Rebel Xti for the price of the SD1000, I'd be all set. LOL.

Thank you all so much for your suggestions. I will ponder them all for a few days and this weekend I will decide which one to buy.

I am having a stressful week. I got a court summons at work because they say I did not respond to a court-ordered garnishment on an ex-employee (I also do payroll). I did send a copy to the court stating that the person no longer worked for us, but I didn't send it registered mail so I have no proof. I have to go to court in a city 2 hours away--with no lawyer representation. Good Lord, they will probably eat me alive! All I can think of is Perry Mason getting me on the stand and tearing me to shreds........ The boss will go with me, but I am probably the one who will have to take the stand. I hope he plans on taking me out for a VERY NICE lunch after this ordeal!


  1. Thought I would tell you about our camera It is a Canon Powershot S2 IS. We love it and haven't had any problems with it. Don't mean to confuse you even more:)

  2. you have another camera to think about. LOL I know how hard it is to decide on which one to buy...but at least we all seem to prefer the Canon brand! lol Oh dear, I don't blame you for being nervous about having to go to court...just tell the whole truth, nothing but the truth.........xox

  3. Me again...forgot to mention that my Canon A530 takes videos and there's no time limit for the videos like there is on other can go on for as much memory as you have! I have 2 GB of memory:-)

  4. I haven't even tried the video feature on the camera, but I'll ask 'my expert' to try it out. I guess you can have a few memory cards for recording and photo taking.
    Don't forget Bri researched digitals for many years and he picked a Canon. If you want a good zoom, then you have to do a little better than a Powershot like the one I had. If you look at my Flickr and compare my flower photos from last year to this year, you'll see what I mean. The Rebel is a big camera and looks like an old-fashioned film camera. I'm use to it now. Go through Flickr and note what camera other people use. It even goes as far to give you price info, etc if you click on the link.
    Sorry about the court summons-bummer. I do think you deserve a nice lunch after that trip!

  5. Hi - I'm not going to add to the camera confusion - we have 3 digital cameras, and I'm sure there was a really good reason for buying each of them - lol!
    Good luck in court - it sounds really awful to me, but I'm sure you'll do just fine. (Maybe you should get that lunch first - you know, just in case...) :)

  6. Good luck tomorrow!

    I'm sure you'll do fine with whatever camera you end up with. It's just a matter of deciding whether you want fancy pictures or basic functionality. I like mine b/c it's compact and discreet for all my restaurant picture taking. :P

  7. Zoey, I tried to tell you this in a comment on an earlier post, but I never saw it show up. This is a utility that lets you compare features of various cameras:
    I found it very helpful when trying to choose a camera for my daughter for her birthday.

  8. Hello!

    I just stumbled across your blog and absolutely love it! You flowers are beautiful. I'm a gardening kinda gal too!

    I sypathize with your camerea woes. I just went through the same thing with a camcorder.


  9. The new header looks good, Zoey. I don't like butterscotch chips either, but have you ever got a spoonful of peanut butter and loaded it with chocolate chips? It is another good stress reliever!!

  10. Laurie, Thanks. I will add it to my list.

    Pea, Cannon does seem to be the popular kid on the block!

    Dianne, I know I will miss my 10X optical zoom even if I didn’t use it all that often.

    Kris, It IS AWFUL! I will be way too nervous to eat before I go!

    Chopsticks, I think that’s a good point. When I took a pic of my breakfast two weeks ago, someone said, “What was that?” And everyone in the diner looked at me! Darn flash! It was embarrassing.

    Kathy, Thanks for that site. I went there and put in all the things I wanted and it gave me many of the same cameras that everyone is suggesting.

    Linda, WELCOME! I am so glad you enjoyed your visit. Please feel free to comment whenever you get the urge.

    Sandy, Thanks. I think I will leave that header for a while. I love chocolate and peanut butter, but I didn’t have any choc chips. I bought the butterscotch to put in oatmeal cookies. I like them in the cookies, but not so mu


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