Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tuesday Tidbits

I just finished reading Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons.

After a slow start, it captured me, and I have enjoyed spending most of my free time during the past week with the women of Fressia Court. I recommend it as a pleasurable summer read.

We still have not had much rain. Big storms keep threatening, but never quite deliver. Yesterday's short little spurt caused much more telephone and internet outages than rainfall. Thunderstorms are once again in tonight's forecast. Time will tell.

I am just loving this red celosia with these nearly-orange marigolds. The markings on the marigolds are almost the exact color as the celosia.

Here is the full planter . I also have the same combo in my 4 large planters at the entrance to the deck.

You can't really see them in this picture. That's OK, because I wanted to show you that the drumstick allium have turned pink.

More Tango lilies

The 4 Tropicana Black lily planters have had quite a growth spurt in the past two weeks!
Cannas are one of those plants you either love or hate...there doesn't seem to be too many in between opinions. My boss thinks these planters are ugly. I like them, thought I wish I had one other tall flowering plant in them. The Angelart Orange Nemesia I planted has already died out in every planter. ..even those I planted at home. If I remember correctly that was a Proven Winner. I was not the tiniest bit impressed with nemesia and won't be planting it again.


  1. I love the celosia and marigolds! I don't think I've seen marigolds with those markings before - very cool. The Tango lilies are gorgeous. And forget the boss, that planter is stunning. It's really filled out since you first showed it to us!

  2. http://www.tulips-store.com/product.asp_Q_pn_E_70636
    For your awesome Capuchino Tango lilies! I've never seen any like that and now I want some. ; )
    I did like Bon-bons from the middle on.
    Have you read any Nicholas Sparks books? Usually they are quick reads and good, though I hade one of his last ones and haven't finished it yet. I'm in somewhat of a reader's slump which is bad as I have about 50+ books here waiting to be read-bad D!

  3. My orange nemesia all died out quickly too - maybe it wasn't just my brown thumb then. I know you enjoyed Savannah Blues - you'll have to read Hissy Fit and Savannah Breeze two more great summer reads by Mary Kay Andrews. BTW I'm a long time lurker finally coming out of the shadows. You've inspired me with your container filled deck. I've filled my front porch - my porch is much smaller than your deck so I've only managed to squeeze in about 30 containers.

  4. Your containers always fill in so nicely and always look quite full -would you mind sharing any secrets as far as fertilizer and watering are concerned?

    Thanks in advance.

    London, Ontario

  5. Kris,
    I have never noticed them with that vivid coloring either. I just noticed that they went well with the celosia, so I bought a flat.

    Dianne, Those are the same ones. I bought mine from Brecks. No, I have never read Nicholas Sparks. Are they mysteries?

    Sharon, WElcome! I am so glad you delurked. I read both of the MK Andrews books within the past month. Yes, I liked them, too. I think there is one more that I have not read with a Christmasy title. I looked for it last week at the library, but it wasn't there.
    Now that I hear others saying their nemesia died, I don't think it had anything to do with a brown thumb! Everything in my sled planter is flourishing, except the nemesia which appears to have completely died out ruining my color scheme. It was quite the waste of money since it never even really filled out before it croaked.

    I bet your porch is pretty full if you've got 30 planters! I only have around 40 on my deck this year (I usually have about 70). I am assuming you don't have a blog. But if you do, please give me the address so I can visit!

    anonymous in Ontario,

    All I do is water EVERY day and I use powdered Miracle Grow every week. I just dump a bit of the powder in a bucket and fill it with water. I don't measure. I just look for a light blue color. I think I dilute it bit more than it says to use on the box (since I use it so often). Maybe I will take a picture and make a post about it one of these days. I am always on the lookout for posting ideas! :)
    Thanks so much for commenting. Please feel free to comment any time!


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