Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Lily Trees

Does anybody grow these huge lilies?

Here is what Breck's says about them:
As you might expect, lily flowers of this massive size offer many exciting possibilities. They are ideal for planting at the back of borders or the corner of beds where their massive height can be fully appreciated. They are excellent visual anchors that will help define your landscape. Blooms appear in mid to late summer while the lush, bright green foliage lasts all season forming a magnificent backdrop for other lilies as well as other perennials.

Hardy in zones 3-10, Lily Trees will thrive in full sun to partial shade. They naturalize well and require no special care. In fact, the massive stems are so strong, the plant needs no added support! Hardy as well as vigourous, your Lily Trees will increase and bloom again every year.

I can't believe they don't need staking!

Remember the speciality big smelly bulbs I bought last year - Draculus Vulgaris? Well, they never even came up this year so I need to write to Breck's for a refund. I also bought some glad bulbs that can supposedly be left in all winter, but so far nothing from them either. Maybe I should buy some of these giant lilies with the refund?

is that Canon SD1000 the one you have been using for your videos? I like the price on that one so will have to check it out.

By the way I am playing around with my header trying to incorporate both gardening and quilting. (If you pop in here often, you have probably noticed that it keeps changing.)


  1. Michele of Garden Rant and Sign of the Shovel grows huge lilies, over 6 feet tall. Mine never get that tall. We are in pretty similar climates, but she has sandy soil and I have clay.

    I have never been that thrilled with Breck's Bulbs. Have you checked them out on Garden Watchdog? And last time I priced it out, they were not at all the cheapest when you calculated price per bulb. If they give you a check for your refund I'd shop somewhere else.

  2. Kathy, Mine never get tall either. I am afraid I do not even know what Garden Watchdog is! I will have to check it out.

    No, I don't think Breck's is the cheapest either. But sometimes I just have to bite the bullet and buy because I can't find anything interesting around my town.

  3. Hi Zoey, thanks for answering my question re: dividing/moving perennials while in bloom..I have a few cranesbill geraniums and some rudbeckia that I'll be moving/dividing later today thanks to your info.

    London, Ont

  4. Your welcome, anonymous. I moved some rudebckia last weekend. Good luck!

  5. Those are tall lilys. Love your new header!!

  6. Zoey,
    My videos were done on my old SD110 and the max time is 3 minutes. So far the SD1000 seems to be the same except it has a bigger view screen. The only down side is that there's no battery meter. So when the battery is done, it just shuts off. I bought a 2GB memory card from Kingston for $18? Amazon's got some great deals right now for it. I think there's even a printer deal too. When I bought my SD110, the printer ended up only costing $20 after rebate. The camera is really durable. I just leave it in my pocket or purse and snap all the time. I have 5 GB of photos on my laptop so that's a lot of photos! And it's still going strong. Anyway, that's my spiel for my little point and shoot. :P

  7. Susie, Thank you.

    Chopsticks, Does the SD1000 have a limit of 3 min. of video? I was looking at it on Amazon this morning. Thanks so much for all of your help!

  8. Those lilies are so big! Don't you love the looks on the faces of the people in the ads?
    Glad you are looking into a Canon. I was talking to Bri last night and he says all cameras only take so many photos. I said, well how many do you think the Rebel will take-he said maybe 100K or so-well, that's a lot!
    Have fun with your header. I like everyone you've put up so far.

  9. Oh, and I find the smaller garden companies tend to be more honest, etc.

  10. Zoey,
    I think the SD1000 is a 3 min limit if you're just recording normally. You can buy a 4 GB card and hook it up and record up to an hour (I have no idea how to do that). And the battery thing can be resolved by buying a backup battery. But it takes several hundred photos before it dies on me so it's only a concern if you're going on vacation and can't charge the battery each night for some reason.

    I don't know how soon you plan to buy the camera, but my Grand Canyon pics and video were taken with the new SD1000 so when I post about it, you can see if you like the quality any better.

    Summer laziness though so I've got quite a backlog of posts.

  11. Speaking of big flowers, I've got pale pink hollyhock seeds I can send you if you'd like. Mine grew about 10 feet!

  12. Chopsticks,
    Thank you so much for the kind offer! I am afraid I just can't grow hollyhocks. I have tried three times and only once did I even get a flower. That was years ago. I wonder if my soil is to acid from all my pine trees.

  13. amawmawdot@yahoo.comSat Jul 28, 05:00:00 PM 2007

    I have lilys that looks like Easter lilys. They are about 5 to 10 feet tall. they are in bloom now, they are tublers and they make lots of seeds, which spreads all over my garden. if you would like seeds let me know and i will send you some as soon as they dry. Dot Andry

  14. My friend has grown this type of lily and hers are usually about eye level if not taller. Last year she gave me a bulb and it's already about 1' tall with 3 stalks growing from it. I'm expecting it to get about as tall as hers.

  15. I have a question about Lily trees. I have four bulbs but no where can I find instructions on how to plant them. Do I stick everything in the dirt or just part of it. Please help!!!

  16. Reference Anonymous' inquiry of 13-Apr-09
    I'm in a similar quandry. I planted Lily Trees last fall in east central MA and have seen nothing so far. I want to know when to expect to see them appear before I go trowelling about and perhaps damage/destroy their shoots.

  17. Do you cut down the stalks in the winter?I live in Alabama and have planted three purple lily trees they are through the ground already.My mother lives in Pennsylvania and did not cut her stalks down an d they are starting to get green this year!

  18. I have 2 and this is the 4th year. Yes they do get that tall! Very fragrant...very beautiful. I cut mine to the ground in the fall. I dont think you have to especially in warmer climates. I'm close to St. Louis. Mine are white with a maroon center. Its my all time fav of the garden.

  19. I have the lily trees in a variety of colors. I hope I'm right in thinking that they will spread like regular lilies do. If not, I need to dig up and plant closer together (I hate seeing a flower here, a flower there. I'm all about clusters)

  20. I have several tree lilies that I ordered from Breck's and they have performed as stated in their catalog. (I live in Tennessee.) Last year, the third year for most of them, I had some 6 and 7 foot tall lilies! They look beautiful and smell heavenly!


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