Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Biggest Hail Storm I Have Ever Seen

just passed through and here I sit home alone cameraless!!

The entire deck was FULL of hail balls. I mean FULL. It looked like it was covered with snow. Oh, what a picture that would have been. I grabbed the dead camera and gave it another try.....just in case.......but it was still dead.

My poor cannas--their big beautiful leaves are now ripped apart from the hail.

I went to the deck and scooped up some hail and put it in the freezer. I want to show DH when he gets home.

I have spent a little time this week finishing the hand quilting on my Stary Log Cabin. All I have to do now is the binding. I will be happy to get it finished as I've been working on it for a year and half.

It's amazing the extra time I have now that I am not taking pictures of every event in my life. :)


  1. Oh wow! Hasn't the weather this year been just the oddest you've ever seen? We only went as high as 62F here today and it feels like a Fall day...hard to believe we're in mid July for goodness sakes!! Your poor flowers must have certainly taken a beating:-( And you thought blogging was taking up a lot of your's your picture taking that does! hehe xox

  2. Poor garden! That happened last year - the Brugmansia/Angel Trumpet leaves were Swiss cheese. The plant made new ones but it took time, water and fertilizer.

    Good luck with the camera, Zoey. I have no advice since a basic Kodak EasyShare [think it has 3 megas] is my only digital experience.

    And good luck with the court thing, too.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  3. Oh, so sorry about your cannas and other garden stuff. Hail storms are the worst and this one sounds super bad. Bummer.

  4. What kind of quilter are you. Hand or machine? I find hand quilting to be relaxing and therapeutic. It actually can lower my blodd pressure.

  5. That sounds like a doozy of a hailstorm. How sad about your cannas. I hope there's not too much damage to the rest of the garden and containers.
    Yes, what a time not to have a camera! I know what you mean about photography taking up so much of your time. I can fully relate to that :)
    I hope you can find a camera you like. My newest one is a Canon Rebel XTi and I love it (lots to learn though!) but they are rather expensive.
    I love my little Canon PowerShot S410 too and still carry it in my purse. It's a great size and is 4 MP with a 3x zoom. We paid about $240 (including shipping) for that from Amazon. It came with a 128mb card, which was a good deal.
    Good luck deciding what to buy!
    I hope the court thing goes well. That does not sound like fun!
    We had rain for most of the day yesterday, sometimes heavy downpours. I can't remember another day like that this spring and summer. It's been so dry and I've had to spend way too much time watering.

  6. Wow-that's something else! Weird weather stuff!
    I see Kerri has the same cameras (almost as me)-good choice there. My brother, the one who is an electronic tech at the tv station in Philly, likes the Rebel too.
    Sorry about your flowers. I know the first thing I do after a big storm is to check all my gardens.
    I guess it wouldn't hurt to have your film camera loaded (if you still have one) or get a pocket camera. My mom still uses one and of course you can get 1 hour developing at most places.

  7. Wow, hail, and NO CAMERA! That must have been really frustrating. I know how I would feel...


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