Sunday, December 18, 2005

This Elf is Retiring

for the remainder of the weekend.
Maybe...unless I think of something else to make :)
This morning I made caramel corn and chex mix...a lot of both

I plan to give most of it away, so I made cute little toppers and affixed them to each bag of goodies. I think they turned out so darn cute!


  1. Zoey?
    Taking some 'down time'?
    Unheard of!

    Enjoy your day. Is the sun shining there?

    It's pretty here today.

  2. They are better than so darn cute - I love everything about them .. except the popcorn. I just don't like popcorn. You've certainly been busy. I guess this is what you do when you can't go gardening?

    You are a very, very talented lady, Zoey.

  3. What's your recipe for the caramel corn?

  4. Jen, I think the sun shone all weekend, but I did not get out much.
    Yes, Alice, I have to find indoor pursuits now that I can't garden. I have at least three good months to stay inside and play around with all those things I have no time for in the summer.
    Kathy, the recipe is one I got from my Aunt Mary when I was a young bride (like 30 years ago). I noticed on the FoodTV site that Paula Dean uses the same recipe. You can find it here:,,FOOD_9936_24910,00.html


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