Sunday, December 18, 2005

Inspiration Strikes

Inspiration strikes at the oddest moments. Yesterday I threw this table topper over the chair so I could get it out of my way to make cookies.


I liked how it looked. It's the perfect size for the chair. I am going to make a pair for both of these chairs (in colors to coordinate with the room). I will pick three colors from the artwork above (notice the barn? I must have been a farmer in a former life. I seem to gravitate toward barns).
I think it will be just enough to satisfy my craving for change.


  1. Great idea! You could almost make half of the original design for the chairs!

  2. That's look fantastic. I'm sure you have enough time in your day to set up a business - making and selling 'chair runners' - with a little commission for Calidore for providing the

  3. Dianne, I would make the full runner because the back holds it down without falling every time you sit there.
    Now there's an idea, Alice. LOL


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