Monday, December 12, 2005

Favorite Childhood Christmas Gift?

I was surfing some blogs and someone was asking,
What was the best present you ever got for Christmas?

This got me to thinking....trying to remember gifts from my childhood. I remember two gifts from waayyyyyyyy back when I was about 7 - 8 years old.

One of them is a 1963 Swirl Pony tail Barbie Doll. I thought she was the most beautiful of all the Barbie dolls of that era. I still have her and her original red bathing suit. Oh, how I wish I would have saved that box! Today mint in the box this doll is worth over $600.00. In very good condition without the box, probably about $250.00. I would never sell mine, though.

The other was a Susie Smart Doll. I think my Mom said she bought her at the A & P store. She came with a little yellow plastic school desk. She was wearing a plaid school girl dress. She was a talking doll and said things like, "2 + 2 equals 4" and "D-O-G spells dog." I just adored that doll. I still have her, too.

About ten years ago I found a Susie Smart doll with the little yellow desk at a garage sale. I bought her because I wanted the desk. I wish I had her original clothing. I have not been able to find any pics of this doll on the net, but here is mine from nearly 45 years ago sitting beneath the Christmas tree.

She is, of course, dressed in her holiday finery for this picture. (I used to put her out each Christmas).


  1. I'm a big Barbie doll lover myself. I remember I had the original Midge and turned her in at a promo for a newer type Barbie. I guess I should have kept her. I was only about 8 at the time.
    I got an Easy Bake Oven that I got to use once before my brother shorted it out by pouring juice in it. A few years ago, he replaced it with a new one that I want to pass on to our niece. He must have felt guilty all those years.
    And I really loved my Betty Crocker cookbook for kids and made many things out of it for my family especially the meatloaf with the mashed potato topping. I may have been about 11 or 12 when I was allowed to use the oven,etc.

  2. Thanks, Dianne, for sharing. I had a Midge, too, but no Easy Bake Oven. I remember envying a cousin who had one of those. How nice of your brother to replace your oven.

  3. Is the photo of the tree above one you have out now or from Christmas past? It's sweet!

  4. That tree is my teddy bear tree from a past year. It was in my kitchen.

  5. It must be the season so I was searching on ebay to see if anyone had a susie smart doll, no luck, then I googled and came upon your post. My parents di get me a Susie Smart doll from the A&P in Yonkers New York. I was about 4 so it could have been about 1963. I remember the desk well, it fit my little brother. He used to sit and talk to her and respond when she asked "what's your name?". I also had an Easy bake oven. Thanks for posting these fun gifts from the past. I wonder if people will think of the play station in the same way. Cheers!

    Half Moon Bay, CA

  6. Ohhh, How I miss my Susie Smart Doll. I had her back in the early 60's. I wish I could find one like her. I see her once in awhile on ebay but not too often. I almost cry when I see her!
    Thanks so much for your story!

  7. Oh my the susie smart doll I've been searching for! If you have any idea where I can get one or if you ever decide to sell yours please let me know. I would love to get one for my mother in law,

    Have a blessed week


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