Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Last Christmas Party

Today at work we are having our last Christmas party of the season. It is a luncheon for 140 people. I thought I would show a picture of the room (since I had to take pictures for the corporate website). I thought it looked nice with one of my trees in the background. Actually all three trees are in this room, but you can only see one in this shot.


  1. Zoey - do you set the tables for these functions? Since table decoration is one of your interests, I thought perhaps you do? It looks very impressive.

  2. No, I don't set them. We have recently promoted a man to supervise the banquets and he has been doing a fine job experimenting with napkin folds, double overlay of linen, etc.

    The customer brought in the plants for centerpieces.
    It did turn out to be a pretty festive-looking room.

  3. What I want to know is: do the employees get a Christmas party? Or do they get a Hoo-whee! Thank goodness it's all over party on January 2nd?

  4. No employee party, which is fine with me.

    I did say to all those working today that we should do something to commemorate the moment. LOL

    On Friday at 2pm we have an employee meeting where we have appetizers, nonalcoholic drinks, etc.and everyone gets a small gift.

    It's the closest thing to a Christmas party we have.

  5. That sounds about right. Enough of a fuss to be pleasant, but not so much that it becomes Yet Another Thing I Have to Do.

  6. This reminds me of the many years I helped out in catering at the hotel I used to work for. I love sets up for functions like this. I hated clean ups though:).


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