Monday, December 26, 2005

I Couldn't Stand it Another Minute

So this morning I took down all the Christmas trees.
I took me four hours.

Everything on the gingerbread man tree fit nicely in this one container. (except for the lights - they have their own container and DH takes them down)

Here is my darling husband hard at work getting the lights just so

He does do a fair share of grumbling as he is doing it. Especially since I put them on and did not do it in a neat,systematic way, so they are a mess to get off.

This is what they look like when he is done. We never have any tangled lights in this house when it comes time to do next year's tree.


  1. Fantastic man! What a lovely sight, all those neat bundles. I am envious.

  2. Why did you take them down so soon, Zoey? Are you just tired of Christmas trees? That would certainly be understandable with the amount of work you put into them, both at your work and at home. Or is it tradition over there to take them down on Boxing Day?

  3. Yes, Jenn, I am happy to have him to do those lights.I have tried, but just can't get them so neat.

    Alice, I am just SICK of them! LOL.
    Don't forget I have had them up since early November. It feels so spacious and clean now that everything is put away.

  4. I ended up not decorating for Christmas this year. Long story but the last couple of months have been busier than most, I rarely have time to blog much less spend time decorating. My daughter is boycoting Christmas this year (another long story of an 18 yo's rebellion) and I just didn't have the energy to do it just for me. I guess on the up side it means I don't have to take things down.

  5. Oh Zoey you must of read my blog about the bad words I say every year while I am untangling my lights. LOL. I did not put them away as neat as yours but however I did put them all in seperate bags.

    I too love the uncluttered look after everything goes back to storage.


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